Creatives do it better

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Being in any creative field makes you more susceptible to impostor feelings, your work is highly public. Not only are you defined by it, but also by artistic standards that are completely subjective.

Dr Valarie Young So, it’s no wonder the mindset of a creative can often be full of self-doubt. Because much of the work they create is accomplished from the heart and their work is highly subjective.

In what other profession do you receive immediate critique and where body language and negative feedback can rarely be hidden.

Creatives are often perfectionists; exploring ways to improve their techniques and delivery whilst striving to delight their customers and fulfil their own creativity.

Not an easy task. In the last 2 years 95% of my client base has been from the Creatives sector; Designers, Video Producers, Marketeers, etc.

So, when it came to me getting clearer on who* I WANT to work with, it was a no-brainer!

*This was a task given to me by my business coach, on how I wanted to further differentiate myself from other business coaches.

It can feel wildly uncomfortable to niche, but this feels completely natural and right.

I used to think I wasn’t creative until I really started to focus on my own personal and business development.

Then, given the time, focus and space to experiment with different ways of approaching tasks coupled with an environment in which I could openly share ideas without the fear of ridicule and failure, my own creativity thrived too.

I’ve always loved breaking the rules, if I can’t see a reason for it to be there then I’ll find a way around it!

One of my favourite sayings is, there’s more than one way to skin a cat’ and running a business should be about having as much fun as possible.

All these elements help the creative to succeed.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein

Creatives have a unique ability to see things the rest of us can’t.

They see solutions through the myriad of challenges and have a way of interpreting the novice or non-creative’s vision into something quite breathtakingly brilliant!

We need to nurture creatives child-like ability to cut through the nonsense and arrive at the real meaning and crux of the issue through a fantastic visual and innovative delivery.

Are your creative juices flowing in your business…?

Clare Whalley celebrated 10 years in business in 2017. A great milestone to achieve. She graduated with an International degree in English and Education and went into corporate life to pursue a career outside of teaching. Successfully passing a rigorous graduate scheme into a blue-chip company; working in several positions across team management, customer service and sales roles. A working trip to India helped her decide to resign, retrain and set up her own coaching and training business. Clare now lives in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham with her two young children, Isabelle and James and her husband Rob. Clare works with fellow business owners to help them create a business they love too. She uses strategies and tools which will help business owners get to the clients they love to work with, with more consistency and ease. To find out more about my small business coaching programmes or to have a chat with Clare to find out more about how coaching can help you and your business book in for a free 1-hr business kickstart session.