How a modern website design helps to convert visitors

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Modern businesses, big and small, need to have an online presence to make themselves felt among current and potential customers.

There is no question about using your website to attract leads who can become your cash cows in the future.

However, what most website owners, especially small business owners, fail to do is to maximize the effectiveness of their website.

On average, 96% of those who visit websites aren’t ready or don’t have the intention of buying anything.

You need to reverse that tide because you lose money on web maintenance!

How could you achieve astonishingly high conversion rates that even e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay have yet seen?

Read to find out.

1. Your website must make a good impression immediately at first glance

First impressions last, and the first three seconds where visitors click your site and wait for everything to appear will matter.

Do you ever wonder why people spend so much on grocery stores?

It’s because the products are arranged tantalizingly that the consumer would grab one item without thinking.

This is the mentality you want that 96% of visitors to have - to buy from you, to contact you, to subscribe to you - no ifs and buts.

Thus, you need to invest your time and strategy to make those first three seconds count.

The key to a good impression is a professional layout. It should load quickly and show links or information that would direct your visitors to where they want to go.

2. Your website should enable your visitors to call you immediately

By putting your address, email, or phone number on your website, that won’t do anything to create conversions.

Millennials are often lazy even to press their phone to call you. So don’t expect that they would even try to visit your physical office or establishment. What you should do is to add an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bot messenger (give it a name to humanize it).

You can also make a conspicuous, clickable call-to-action button that says “Contact Us, Get Quick Reply.” Bots or contact forms lets your website answer queries from your visitors.

By taking the initiative to reach out to them (instead of making them reach out to you), you demonstrate your seriousness and quality of customer service - snappy and straightforward - which is what lazy millennials want!

A small business like yours may not have the money to outsource your customer service to a call centre in some third-world country. Instead, an AI-powered chatbot could be your cheaper, more effective alternative to let your consumers reach out to you 24/7.

3. Inform or entertain your readers

Most likely, your visitors have been redirected to your site because of a video or link they seen from social media or search engine results.

You’ve got to give them what they want, which is information or entertainment.

Informative or entertaining content gives your website value and makes your visitors stay longer. Your content could be in the form of a blog or podcast, white paper, e-book, infographic, or comic. You also get to demonstrate how well you know your line of business, which helps create trust among your visitors and nudges them closer to buying your product or service.

4. Your call to action (CTA) must meet customers’ expectations

It would help if you prompted your visitors to act without hesitation, like how candy bars and junk food make grocery shoppers spend more money.

The key to that is a conspicuous and compelling CTA that encourages them to do your bidding.

At the minimum, your CTA should make a mark on your visitors’ minds so that they’ll remember to call you when they are ready to buy from you next time. Otherwise, your CTA should dispel all second thoughts and hypnotize your visitors to click you.

Your CTA works with your content; the longer they stay because of how your quality content hooked them, the more likely they are going to click that CTA button and buy from you.

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