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January 14, 2020: Microsoft End of Life for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5!

Just in case you were unaware, Microsoft will be ending support for all Windows Embedded Mobile 6.5 devices and scanners in Jan 2020.

Some ‘end of life’ milestones have already been reached such as Windows CE 6 in early 2018 and in Jan 2020 Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 will come to an end.

What does it all mean?

This will affect the supply of brand new devices which utilise these operating systems and these devices will be open up to major security risks with no more patches being released by Microsoft.

Another point to take into consideration is the enterprise apps currently being used on these legacy devices.

Porting them across to a new OS will involve design and re-development.

What are your options?

As with all good things coming to end this can also be interpreted as the beginning of better things to come.

The advent of Google’s android OS in the 2008 has gathered traction in the consumer market and now Google have invested heavily to bring the android OS into the enterprise realm.

A shift in the mobile operating system landscape has occurred.

Less than five years ago, Windows was the most dominant operating system in rugged environments, with industry analysts stating that four out of five facilities were using it in 2014.

Today, the Android operating system has become the standard for industrial mobile devices.

The transition from legacy Windows Embedded is well underway.

As Jan 2020 is right around the corner then it is time to start devising your transition strategy and we are here to help you.

We can guide you through from selecting an appropriate device to porting your mobile app to android.

Why Android?

The Android OS is the #1 platform that organizations are choosing to replace legacy Windows.

Some of the key features of the Android OS include:

• As an open-source platform, Android OS allows developers to respond quickly when users need new functionality or need to scale their deployments. These include custom security APIs, hardware integration APIs, and more robust mobile device management features.

• Android is currently the most used mobile OS in the world. Most of your workforce is already familiar with the platform and that will make it much easier to transition with new employees.

• There is a wide selection of Android-compatible hardware that is rugged and designed for high-volume use in industrial settings.

• Google and its Android platform partners have been investing heavily in application development to expand and improve applications.

Why Portech for your Windows to Android migration

Over 25 years of experience in developing mobile enterprise applications and providing after deployment support and services means that our clients are confident in our ability to deliver a wide range of projects, from logistics, warehousing, retail, merchandising to field service and much more.

The release of Microsoft’s Pocket PC OS in 2000 revolutionised the use of Mobile devices in the work place. Portech was there to witness this revolution and from the onset began to develop and distribute new applications to function on the new OS.

Along with the new applications, we helped companies port across their existing Desktop and laptop applications to function on these new devices.

This experience puts you in good hands for migrating apps.

Want to discuss your migration requirements? Speak to our expert mobile enterprise team on 0121 624 2626 or email us on