How can branded products aid internal communication?

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More often than not the main target for company’s branded merchandise is their existing customers and prospective clients.

This is of course a great investment for businesses, as quality products that are innovative and quirky really do help them to stand out, achieve a greater return on investment and enhance brand awareness.

But branded products aren’t just for external use; they are also a great tool to use internally.

In this blog we will be discussing the different ways in which you can utilise branded merchandise within your business and how it can benefit you and your employees.

Internal branding and brand promotion

Brand promotion is often considered to be synonymous with the external perception of your company but have you considered the one key audience that you may be missing is in fact your employees?

Through providing your employees with useful, quality branded products, it will help to create a positive impression of your brand, demonstrate your values and show that you care about your staff.

If your employees believe in your brand and take pride in working for you, they will strive to ensure it succeeds and are much more likely to become an advocate for your business to, both inside and outside of the office - ultimately resulting in increased brand awareness and a happy and productive workforce.

Welcome new employees Designing branded products to use as part of a welcome gift or hamper for new employees is a great way to help them feel welcomed and like part of the business.

A welcome hamper can help to introduce the individual to your brand and story and will prove even more beneficial if it includes products that they can use and benefit from on a daily basis.

It can also help to ensure they are provided with everything they will need for a smooth transition into the company and their new role, such as a branded lanyard and uniform.

Reward employees

Branded products is also a great way to reward employees that have excelled expectations and performed well.

Rewarding members of staff with useful branded gifts is a great way to encourage others to follow suit, helping to increase productivity and performance within your business.

Reinforce unity

A great example of how you can achieve this is through providing each and every employee with the same quality branded uniform, from entry level all the way through to senior individuals and management.

This helps to create a workplace where everyone will feel as though they are part of the same team and where everyone is seen as a valued member of that team, collectively working towards a common goal.

This can be also echoed through other branded products, such as the stationery each employee is provided with at their desks.

This will help to create a seamless working environment where everyone is equipped with everything they will need for maximum productivity.

Highlight and support key issues

Finally, branded products are also a great way that your business can highlight key issues within your business and support your staff. For example, your business could look to create products focused on topics such as mental health, stress, loneliness or around key events such as Pride.

This helps to not only raise awareness amongst your staff on these topics, but also encourages a conversation to take place.

This will really help to create a sense of belonging amongst staff and a community where staff feel they can open up and that they will be supported by not only their colleagues, but also by you as a business and their employer.

With all of the above in mind, has your business considered using branded products internally?

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