Construction facts

Safety Management

With construction being more on the HSE’s radar than ever we have put together some construction facts the highlight the consequences of not working safely.

Construction Facts Fee for Intervention (FFI)

– For the year 2017-18 the HSE generated an income of over £15 Million from Fee for Intervention (FFI) cases

The average invoice for a single Fee for Intervention (FFI) raised by the HSE is £750, plus the additional costs incurred by the company in relation to bad publicity, poor history records when tendering, etc. time lost resolving / actioning FFI reports, etc.

Construction Inspection Campaign

– Starting October the HSE have been carrying out construction site inspections focusing on health issues, particularly asbestos and dust.

The HSE estimates that there are around 8,000 work-related cancer deaths a year.

The construction industry accounts for around 3,500 of these, with asbestos and silica the major causes. HSE inspectors will be looking to ensure those involved with construction projects know the risks. Work right and Go Home Healthy.

Enforcement Provisional figures show a total of 3,015 notices were issued by the HSE to the Construction industry, of which 1,742 Prohibition notices and 1,273 were Improvement notices. Of 206 prosecution case almost £19 Million in fines were issued with an average of £98,000 per conviction.

Construction Accident Statistics 2017/18

– 38 fatalities, 58,000 non-fatal injuries, 82,000 workers suffering from work related ill health (each year).

The true cost of workplace injury and new cases of work-related ill health in Construction in 2016/17 is estimated to be £1,062 Million.

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