Five reasons to take media training

Chris Green Media

What are the benefits of media training and why might it boost your career or business? Here are five good reasons…


Nothing will lift your profile higher than appearing on broadcast media on a regular basis.

This can help grow your reputation by enabling you to show off your industry knowledge and expertise.

But only if you’re good at it. If you want to get in - and stay in – journalists’ contacts books, then take some training.

Same goes for public speaking. Those who can do it well tend to get invited on stage to speak at events.

Those who can’t, or feel the need to rely entirely on PowerPoint, don’t. Fact.

Training to get good at it is the answer. Oh, and plenty of practise…


The most important facet in business is trust.

People who show conspicuous leadership and can talk a good game tend to be trusted, respected and seen as experts.

Media training will equip you with skills to speak confidently and capably in public, in the media and elsewhere so you can visibly lead your team.


Even the most seemingly capable of business leaders and owners often have phobias about public speaking. The smart ones do something about it.

Good media training should provide structures for memory recall so you don’t fear drying up or getting tongue-tied and other methods to calm nerves.


Media training sharpens your skills and will test and challenge you (if you come to us at CGM we’ll do it in the nicest possible way, of course).

You might even become a media go-to person - someone journalists readily go back to for comment time and time again.

How much of a competitive advantage could that be to your business?


I once worked in an office where the manager was too shy, incompetent and ill-equipped to thank a colleague who was retiring after 50 years at the company.

We were all appalled. He bottled it. In truth, he lacked the inter-personal skills for the job.

Media training should form part of your continuous personal development so you can do all kinds of front-facing managerial skills.

Chris Green is managing partner of Chris Green Media (CGM) who have their own media training centre in Worcester and provide courses on all kinds of media marketing and communications topics.