How to make an exhibition of yourself....

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Do you need an Expo Display? Tips to help you avoid costly mistakes.

We’re in the icy grip of Winter now but before too long Spring will come.

And what does Spring mean?

Well, apart from better weather and cute lambs it also brings a new season of Business Expo events – a great way of making NEW contacts and generating new customers.

So, you might now be thinking of getting yourself a NEW expo display so you can look FABULOUS for the new season.

Here at Eggshell, we both design and produce a wide range of display products so we thought we’d offer some advice that you hopefully will find helpful.

What type of display? If you’re going to make an exhibition of yourself on a regular basis, we’d recommend upgrading from that bastion of display products – the humble pull up banner.

They have their place – they are cheap and cheerful, easy to transport and ideal for taking along as a visual to illustrate that talk you’re giving at the weekly networking meeting.

BUT they really don’t cut the mustard if you’re exhibiting at a Business event.

Your brand may look rather puny in comparison to the competition so we really would recommend investing in a professional display.

Ideal size for local biz expos is 2.5m wide, any wider and the expo organisers may think you’re taking liberties and may look to charge you more.

You may be tempted to opt for one of the traditional displays.

These consist of several posters fixed onto a magnetic frame. Our advice is DON’T DO IT! They are a nightmare to transport – won’t fit in the average car boot, are bulky - and difficult to put up.

Having said that you won’t have to invest in a gym membership as putting these up and down is the equivalent of a sweaty workout!

A much better option now is a Fabric Display.

This consists of a lightweight frame over which a one-piece fabric “sock” is stretched.

The advantages are:

• Lightweight and easily transportable – they are a fraction of the weight of the traditional stands and fit into a ‘hold all’ that can be transported on a train or bus
• Easy to assemble
• One-piece print avoids any problems with line up between the panels
• They are printed both sides. You can therefore have two different messages if you wish so that you can use the second message at other events
• They are washable
• Excellent print quality

You can click here to download our brochure. 

Our next blog will deal with some of the do’s and don’ts of creating your display design – watch this space!