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According to Indeed, 95% of employed adults start the job searching process 6 months prior to being hired.

These candidates are made up of both active job seekers (those who are consciously looking for their next career move) and passive job seekers (those who may not be actively looking but are attracted to an opportunity that makes them want to find out more about a possible career move)

Recruiting has changed over the years and with the increased number of vacancies available, candidates can now afford to be a little pickier over the jobs they apply for. 

As a business, your recruitment process does not start with you having a vacancy and placing an advert, it starts with your employer brand, image and reputation.

Think for a minute… You are looking at booking a holiday, eating in a new restaurant or purchasing a new item.  What do you do before making the purchase? 

  • Look on the company website or social media page?
  • Read a customer review or go on to TripAdvisor?
  • Get a recommendation?

People impulse buy less now, we want to do our research first and make an informed choice. 

Candidates are no different.  According to Indeed, 85% of job seekers read reviews before forming an opinion on whether they want to apply for a vacancy with a company or not and on average 40% read 5-10 reviews.

What people read affects the decisions they make. 

As a business, consciously or not you will have an employer brand.  A strong employer brand is the difference between you being able to recruit and retain the right staff for your business or not.

What is an Employer Brand?

Employer branding is the process of promoting a company as an employer of choice to a desired talent group.

How to create a better Employer Brand strategy?

Ask yourself “what appeals to potential employees when considering working for your business”

Think about the benefits and rewards your employees receive in return for their work.  According to a survey carried out by the top 5 things that candidates look for in their next career move are; Company Culture; Career Prospects; Attractive Salary; Work-Life Balance and Benefits such as generous pension, healthcare, an extra day off for your birthday, discount schemes, free parking etc.

Listen to your employees

Employee surveys can be a great way of receiving feedback to see how your employees feel about working for your company.  These can be included as part of your recruitment process as feedback forms at the end of probation periods, or quarterly/annual reviews.

Promote your career development and training programmes

Candidates are always looking for ways to develop their own skills and move their career forward.  Progression opportunities within an organisation not only help to initially increase candidate interest as part of the recruitment process but this will also help with staff retention moving forward helping your business to grow.

Stand out as a great place to work

Take on board the feedback from your employees and look at what your competitors offer.  What would your employees benefit from that they don’t already receive?  Once you have established what it is your employees expect from you and how they feel about your company, showcase how you are different and what makes you the company everyone wants to be a part of.

Manage your reputation

With more people taking to social media and review sites to have their voice heard, how you as a business respond to these is critical to your employer branding strategy.  Whether the review be positive or negative a speedy response to both employees and customers is critical.

Visual Media

As of 2019 video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic.  Including a visual element to your employer branding strategy is an effective way of showcasing what it’s really like to be part of your company.  Make sure though that there is a true reflection of your company’s culture and ethos as if people join your company and feel that your brand was not represented correctly this can leave them feeling misled and disappointed.

Consistency through the Recruitment Advertising Process

Once you have a vacancy and are ready to look for your new hire, keep the consistency of your Employer Brand through to your job advert.

Your branding will help to make your job advert stand out to both active and passive job seekers.  Make sure you include in your job advert all of the things that make you a great place to work, the career prospects available, work-life balance and benefits.

The job boards offer different posting types giving you a variety of ways to showcase your brand, including multiple images and video content.

Including this branding in your online recruitment advertising, you will not only attract relevant quality applications from candidates that really want to work for you.  You will also be benefiting from the job boards multi-million-pound marketing spend to get your company name and brand recognised.

The leading UK job boards use television, radio and outdoor advertising campaigns to bring awareness and traffic to their sites, all of which you benefit from when you use these job boards to advertise your vacancies across. 

With online job adverts the reach can be extensive and the passive audience will include not only potential job seekers but also potential customers.

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Candidate Source