Human value of business success

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All businesses provide some form of customer service, despite whether operating as a small, medium or large enterprise, communication channels are crucial.

Customer frustration can be avoided and so can the dreaded negative electronic word-of-mouth, as long as resources are implemented to manage and maintain customer satisfaction.

Customer service is the process of ensuring satisfaction through various support channels including face-to-face, phone, email and chat for accuracy and speed in response.

Representatives behind these assorted touch points are the solution providers for all types of customer queries, it is the quality of service delivered that ultimately affects a company’s reputation.

Challenges with Chatbots

Developments in technology have enabled companies to use artificial intelligent chatbots for communicating with customers.

Whilst the benefits include out-of-hours online support, there are many hidden challenges and limitations to the level of support that chatbots are equipped with.

Businesses should consider the extent and feasibility of work that goes into obtaining optimal artificial intelligence (AI) results. Accuracy of AI chatbots’ ability to understand and answer customer queries results from large amounts of hand-crafted, structured training data which can be expensive and time-consuming.

For true excellence in customer service there is no denying the impact of tailored interactions with humans. Excellence is achieved by exceeding customer expectation and offering exceptional value; something only a human touch can provide.

Excellence in Customer Service

Throughout the 10 years of e-commerce trade, Handle King has observed the importance of maintaining a human interactive customer service team to provide unique and personalised support.

It is the attention to detail, conveying empathy and offering product expertise, that has led to Handle King being shortlisted for the Excellence in Customer Service category at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Annual Dinner and Awards 2019.

Offering a variety of communication channels for customers including phone, email, live chat as well as a collection point and trade counter to serve local consumers and tradespeople.

The team are fully equipped with the skills and synchronised expertise needed to navigate smoothly between channels. Excellence in customer service is fuelled by advisors and their ability to offer customers quick, effective support in a professional and empathetic way.

Prioritising Service

To manage the continued growth, Handle King has recently completed refurbishments that encourage tradespeople and local consumers to visit the Solihull collection point along with introducing two new members to assist with the increasing consumer interest.

As a company that prioritises service, each communication is tailored to the customer to ensure a positive, long-lasting impression of the service.

The Future of Success

The developments of AI are truly revolutionary, however the human touch needed to provide exceptional customer service cannot be matched with chatbots alone.

To generate high levels of customer gratification, customers must be able to choose the type of communication that is used.

These channels must therefore be optimised by synchronising product expertise and communication manner throughout the team.

It is also vital that advisors feel equipped to deal with all customer enquiries effectively, allowing them to exceed customer expectations, strengthen loyalty and ultimately build brand equity for business success.

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Paige Rinaldi