Surgeries insurance for the modern practice

CLA (Risk Solutions) Ltd

Visit a modern medical centre, dental practice or veterinary surgery and the variety of equipment needed to operate effectively is staggering; dental chairs, devices such a nebulisers, defibrillators and sterilisers plus all the specialist instruments.

Vets have even more equipment to meet the needs of a wide variety of animals; from scanners and X-ray imaging to dental equipment.

Equipment in modern surgeries is expensive and that is before other items such as computers, phone systems, furniture and security is considered.

Many medical practices have combined into larger health centres to provide a more comprehensive service to patients.

The result is a much larger building, more staff and an increase in the number of patients.

Minor surgeries and implants can now be done by the most modern medical centres saving trips to the local hospital.

With technological advancements, equipment such as lasers are expected to become increasingly popular with dentists for producing crowns, bridges and models using 3D printing.

Veterinary surgeries or hospitals will be caring for animals in their custody, possibly overnight. When considering insurance cover, a one size fits all is not going to give you the protection needed for your individual surgery.

Using an experienced broker will give you access to providers who can tailor a policy to ensure you are adequately covered if you need to make a claim so you can recover the full value of a loss.

Tailored insurance for your practice As well as covering all your expensive equipment and buildings, you will need to consider loss or damage to drugs and vaccines which are often refrigerated.

Because your surgery is used by the general public of all ages, some of which may vulnerable to accidents whilst visiting your building, higher limits of public liability insurance may be needed.

Business interruption insurance This would cover loss of income if the surgery had to be closed due to fire or flood.

It will also cover temporary costs while you get back up and running such as:

• Additional staff
• Relocation
• Security

Cyber Crime insurance Cyber attacks are particularly high with medical centres and healthcare practices vulnerable to more attacks than most other sectors.

With highly confidential patient records being valuable to hackers who can sell them on the black market, your practice will need cover for a variety of risks that you could be exposed to such as recovering your computer systems, security experts to support your team, compensation claims and managing any negative publicity.

To make sure your surgery is protected from the risks involved in running a busy medical, dental or veterinary practice, call one of our account managers on 0121 321 4600.