Your router could be inviting hackers into your home

OmniCyber Security

When it comes to home security, Britons will do all they can to make sure their property, contents and family are secure.

The same applies to protecting their online data at home.

They use a firewall, keep their anti-virus software up to date and regularly update their software to keep their details away from unscrupulous hackers.

Unfortunately, it appears that all those good intentions could be undermined by something that we all take for granted . . . the humble router.

Security experts in Finland have discovered that your router can easily be hacked and your data compromised within minutes.

By simply renting a cloud-enabled computer, a cyber-criminal can guess your network’s password through brute force or by generating numerous combinations until they gain access.

Once the hacker has gained entry to your router, they can infect it with malicious malware that has the power to redirect people doing their online banking or internet shopping to fake websites in order to extract their credit card details.

Every home in the UK is at risk of becoming a victim of this technique called DNS hijacking, but those who have installed several smart devices to their home network face an increased risk.

The technique is so invasive that your router could already have been infected and you don’t even know. Routers that are included with your internet connection and the top sellers online are the most prone to being compromised.

How Can I Protect Myself?

There are a number of ways in which you can protect your router from being hacked.

Make sure it meets the latest security standard called WP3.

You can also keep yourself safe by creating a separate network for friends and family with a different name and password.

This will secure your home network in the off chance that one of your guests’ devices have been hacked.

And always, always, make sure your password is as strong as an ox and not easily accessible by intruders.

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