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Business Inspiration .. Phil is an ambitious business owner and has been running his business for over 10 years.

In that time, of course, his professional outlook and business have evolved enormously.

I say ‘of course’, like it’s a given, but you and your business only evolve successfully when certain factors are at play.

Phil has a young family at the forefront of his decisions and spending time with his two girls, alongside his ambitions to create a successful and profitable business, are centred around his passion of video and media.

There are 3 key elements to Phil’s personal and professional success…

#1 Reading. (Or in Phil’s case Listening.)

Phil is an avid listener to audibles of professional development books. He has a natural thirst for knowledge and is a keen learner, he is always looking for a better way of working, believing that there’s always room for improvement and development. His absolute dedication then to implement on these learnings quickly is to be applauded. One book he’s learned a great deal from is the E-Myth, where Michael Gerber explores the distinction between working on your business as opposed to in your business.

#2 Clear Objectives

Each year, Phil attends a workshop dedicated to goal and strategy setting.

It’s important that he gets clarity around what’s next; what does he want to achieve for the next 12 months both personally and professionally, what steps he wants to take to keep moving the business forward and exploring the how’s – what options are available, always checking in that the goals work directly in line with his core values.

#3 Delegate

He’s learnt how to do this effectively and is no longer afraid to do it.

One of the biggest hang-ups that restrict business growth, is the fear to delegate as business owners believe they can do the job better or faster than anyone else.

Phil is always looking outward. He’s an advocate of giving back too and wanting to share his knowledge and experience with individuals just like him 20 years ago.

Keen to work with young, local talent through apprenticeship schemes as well as working within his local business community drawing upon skills from complimentary businesses, people who will enable him to reach national and international clients alike.

“If you hire people you consider smarter than you, you are more likely to listen to their thoughts and ideas, and this is the best way to expand on your own capabilities and build the strength of your company.”

Entrepreneur Ewing Marion Kauffman Phil has built an inspiring team of talent around him, now comprising of Editors, Production Manager, Marketing and Creative experts.

His business is going from strength to strength as well as winning awards!

The future is bright - watch this space… Feeling Inspired by Phil’s story? Is 2019 YOUR year? Invest in yourself, you are worth it.