The definitive guide to tradesman insurance

CLA (Risk Solutions) Ltd

Tradesmen face many risks while carrying out their work for the public and other clients.

Like any other insurance policy, making sure it is suitable for your own unique circumstances needs to be calculated carefully.

A one size fits all is not going to be suitable for the wide variety of trades and professions.

Building trades such as electricians and plumbers instantly come to mind when we think of a tradesman; however, fitness instructors, hair dressers and dog walkers will all need insurance to cover them if they are injured at work, sued by a member of the public or a claim is made by a member of their own staff.

Tradesman insurance covers a range of risks that could stop you working or lead to a claim that may have a devastating impact on your business.

What to check on your tradesman insurance policy Flexibility of your insurance policy is going to help you to tailor cover to meet your individual needs. An insurance broker such a CLA (Risk Solutions) will be able to advise you on what basic and optional cover is available and what risks you are likely to face.

For example, basic cover should include:

Contractors all risks insurance

This covers you for loss or damage to work you have carried out for the client and any tools, equipment and machinery while onsite.

The cover also includes:

• Hired equipment*.

• Cover for contractual obligations after completion.

• Damage to materials while onsite and in transit.

• Business equipment in your offices.

*If you are hiring plant regularly, it can be more cost effective to add it to your annual insurance policy rather than pay every time you hire.

Employers’ liability insurance

For tradesmen and contractors that have employees on a permanent or contracted basis, there is a legal requirement to include this insurance cover.

If an employee is injured or suffers illness as a result of their work, they can make a claim against their employer.

Public and product liability insurance

Covers you for claims made against you for:

• Damage to property or injury to clients or public while you are onsite.

• Third party claims for compensation for financial loss from work you have done or products you have installed.

• Loss of keys to clients’ property or failing to keep the property secure.

Most tradesmen will want to include the above as minimum protection for their business.

However, there are a range of other risks that you may want to consider.

Personal accident insurance

Running your own business means that if you cannot work, you do not get paid.

Covering sickness and injury, personal accident insurance will help support you and your family while you recover.

Professional indemnity insurance

If you are providing information based on your knowledge and skills that could lead to a claim for compensation if you provided incorrect advice, professional indemnity insurance will cover any legal costs to defend the claim and compensation to the claimant.

Other tradesman insurance cover

Due to the wide range of jobs covered by individual tradesmen and contractors, you may decide additional cover is needed for your specific trade or circumstances.

Our team of specialists will be able to suggest solutions that will protect your income from a variety of risks.

These could include jury service, legal claims, and JCT insurance for joint contracts work.

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