Why 'website coming soon' is bad for business

Darren Langley Web Design

The period when your website is under construction can be a frustrating time.

While we would all like an instant site that delivers all the functionality we need, the reality is that these things take time.

In the interim period between having your new website go live or while waiting on a complete redesign of your existing website, you’ve probably thought about putting up a holding page.

We’ve all seen them – this is generally a page that just informs the visitor that your website is coming soon.

They’ve been around since the internet and webpages became a thing.

I’m going to show you why having a holding page isn’t necessarily a positive step.

Your site will probably be delayed 

It is all well and good having a holding page however the fact is that they can lead to a high level of procrastination.

Pretty much every business has some kind of web presence these days.

The longer you go without a functional website then the more your competitors will have an advantage over you.

Not having anything online at all is bad however many people will take their foot off the gas so to speak with getting their site ready because there is a holding page.

This leads to delays in getting your site launched properly.

It isn’t good for user experience

This is more aimed at existing websites that are undergoing a redesign.

Many site owners take down the old site and put up a holding page until the new site is launched.

Even if your old website has many flaws which will be rectified in the new design, it will still provide a better user experience than a holding page.

If your site is going to be delayed then you are potentially missing out on a lot of business by not keeping your own design live.

Holding pages aren’t great for SEO either

Finally, we have SEO. Holding pages don’t really hold any SEO value and while SEO is a long term strategy and holding pages are supposed to be a temporary measure, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

However, as we know, holding pages tend to lead to delays and longer waiting times before your new website goes live which can have an adverse effect on SEO.

Why website holding pages make you procrastinate Having a holding page or ‘coming soon’ page sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

You want your visitors to know that your brand spanking new and functional site is going to be launched soon.

The problem is that having a holding page often delays the launch of your site and can even mean that your site doesn’t get launched at all.

If you are committed to having a holding page then there are some things that you should avoid however in my experience you should forget about it.

Holding pages can lead to procrastination, website delays and you might not even see your site launch in the end so focus more on getting your site up and running as soon as possible.

If you need help to stop procrastinating and get on with a new, user friendly, website that can actually help your business, why not contact us at DarrenLangley.com