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Dial Direct UK Ltd

BT are switching off the PSTN and ISDN networks for good, starting with a cease of new supply by 2020 and moving to a full migration to IP before 2025.

The BT ISDN switch off could affect thousands of businesses in the near future, especially those unaware of BT's phasing out of ISDN technology.

5 benefits to switching -

1. Cost saving - Cost savings are a massive benefit to a cloud based phone system, Moving away from the PBX platform can and on to cloud can be less expensive and ultimately increase profitability.

2. Improving customer service - Hosted uses an auto attendant feature which means you can easily and successfully direct calls to different departments within the business.

3. Fully integrated system - Using an integrated system helps businesses increase efficiency, research shows.

This system enables employees to stay connected where ever they may be in the office and even on the go.

4. You're in control - A cloud operated system puts you in the driver seat, allowing you to control and choose what features are needed and giving you the access to turn them on and off easily. You can access anytime anywhere using your smartphone your desk phone and even soft phone.

5. Business Continuity - Cloud/hosted allows business's to stay connected to their customers no matter the environment.

With a cloud-based system, businesses can maintain a consistent presence as it is highly unlikely that outside factors such as weather condition etc would affect them.

If any of the above benefits may have taken your interest then please get in touch with us on 01283 517999.

Make the switch now and get ahead of the game!

Article by Amy Morris, Dial Direct UK Ltd, Account Manager