Business Growth Needs Innovation and Systems – How software can help your business grow


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By Steven Timberlake – Account Director, ioSTUDIOS Ltd

In a recent survey, 73% of the respondents said that they were never more than five feet away from their phone at any time. These days we’re all connected, constantly.

Technology might be creating habits and behaviours that concern some people, but you can’t ignore the impact and the positive change the technology revolution has had on the world.

Innovation and growth drive business and there’s really no better place to look to for the effect for this than the tech world.

Just look at the dot com bubble, Silicon Valley, and the immense changes innovative companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google have had on humanity and the wider world.

It’s almost incomprehensible how much has changed because of the internet, software, and the online world, isn’t it?

If you’re running a business then it’s likely that areas of it could be improved or completely transformed with software. 

Effective software in your business can bring you better productivity, innovation and visibility.

Better Productivity

One of the simplest ways to improve a business is to look at the cash flow, the systems, and way it runs.

Being profitable is more likely to be about the way the business operates than the prices it charges.

It’s incredibly competitive out there, and you’re not the only one with access to the world wide web and the incredibly inexpensive resources for business. So to be competitive you need to lead the way and you need to review your processes and systems often.

Profitability and efficiency are key to this. How you deceiver your end product or service and how cost-effective or marketable that is to the world comes down to how efficiently it’s done.

Software will be able to improve that.

Being efficient in every area of your business and making the most of your company’s time and resource will keep you ahead of the game (and your competitors).

Look at your systems and ask yourself “can this be automated?” or “could we do this more efficiently or faster?”. If the answer’s yes, then the right software is likely to be able to help you.

Better Innovation

Innovating is the next step to big business growth. Innovation and being the change in your marketplace is exciting and business-changing and software is often the vehicle to make that happen.

Innovation gives you a competitive advantage and helps you stay ahead of others in your area. Making that happen for you and keeping it profitable and scalable is likely to be a lot more robust with some bespoke software.

You might have heard the term ‘market disruption’ in the media, news, press or at expos and talks. When someone disrupts the status quo and changes how the world works or how your product or service is seen, used or integrated, it’s exciting and impactful.

Companies like Apple know this. They changed how the computer and then the phone were used. They brought us email on the move linked with messaging and music and they brought computers into the home.

Driving innovation like this is powerful.

Building software to back it up, support it, or to be the change enables you to develop and change overtime and grow with the change is essential.

Just consider the changes there have been from iOS 1 through to 12!

Sales growth can then develop with your software. Building in up-sells, collecting data, and joining up your product or service with the rest of the business gives you the perfect opportunity to be able to be lean AND progressive.

Better Visibility

Data is everything to us. To be able quickly look at data wherever you are and make informed and business-changing decisions on any device is so powerful that the companies who do it (and use the data) are likely to rise above the rest.

Visibility of your business and its inner workings is so powerful that you really can’t ignore it. Even just a simple piece of software like SalesRadar gives businesses insight into their sales and lead generation. This helps them to improve every day.

Imagine what software could do in your business when you link in employee productively and attendance, service reliability, lead generation conversion percentage, and cashflow and other key performance indicators into one central point.

Imagine having a total overview only your business like you do for say, for your accounts.

How great would that be?

Software can enable this!

Software lets you access better management data to monitor metrics and drive continual improvements.

Knowing your numbers and your position are key to business growth and are the reason large and successful businesses use software to grow and succeed.

If you’d like to talk about how software could change your business and guide it towards exponential growth then contact us now and we’ll work out your plan and help you to focus on building the future of your business.