What learning style suits you best?

Meta4 Business Coaching

There are so many ways out there to establish how you prefer to learn, communicate and your way of working/achieving style in general.

If you’ve never done one of these ‘tests’ I highly recommend you do so.

The results will help you in several ways...

By having a clear understanding of how you function at your optimum and the areas in where you excel, surrounded by whom (and more importantly) the areas in which you don’t flourish will enable you to choose the best team to have around you; the people who will pick up your slack when and if required, it will help you understand what your clients need from you, and how, through to helping you to feel more fulfilled in your working environment.

The latter is not to be underestimated!  From my corporate days and all through the business coaching and personal development coaching I have received I have completed many psychometric tests: Kolbe, Strengths Finder, Insights, DISC, NLP and Myers Briggs.

All of which have helped my understanding of what, where and how to thrive in business.  

With a natural love of all things personal development and seeking a higher understanding and knowledge of what makes me and others tick, it’s no wonder a profession in business coaching was chosen.  

How can you achieve more? 

Your learning style (once established) will help you to choose the right team around you.  

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller 

With a love of all the psychometric testing out there (the more you understand yourself the more you can achieve is a motto I live by) however, N.L.P (Neuro-linguistic programming) is a favourite. 

It’s an easy test to complete, all business owners working with Meta4 start at this point and overall it offers so much understanding from very little information input. 

It shares 4 different communication or learning styles:  

Visual – memorise by seeing pictures. These communicators are interested in how things look and get bored with long verbal explanations.  

Auditory – learn by listening, the tone of voice is important and words used are important.  

Kinaesthetic – respond through physical rewards. Memorise by doing; walking through things, Interested in things that feel right, that give a gut feeling. 

Auditory Digital – Need to make sense of things, things need to be logical. 

They often talk to themselves and like to think things through in their heads. 

They need to talk things through with other people. 

Putting these styles into a business context: 

How do you prefer to work and when do you achieve your best results?

If you established your preferred learning and communication style is, for example, Auditory Digital, it would indicate you thrive working where you can be part of a peer group; colleagues who are on the same level as you – a place where you are able to air thoughts and ideas, hear yourself talking problems and scenarios through and being able to receive advice, feedback and affirmation. 

A group coaching environment would be a good choice for you. 

Joining a business mastermind network - a place where business owners come together on a regular basis to combat common business challenges would help to alleviate feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm and frustration.  

How can you help your clients achieve more? 

Secondly, by understanding our own different learning and communication styles it’s easier to appreciate ways in which our potential (and existing) clients want to engage with us too.

As a business owner you may favour one communication style in particular – when that happens, we can alienate our potential clients by not ‘talking in their language’. 

For example (potential) clients who favour auditory may wish to receive parts of their service by listening to your delivery, this could be direct or indirect - through videos, podcasts, more meeting dependent.

Think about your marketing and service delivery.

Is it varied and open to different communicators?  

If you’d like more information about Meta4’s Breakthrough Group Coaching get in touch via my email clare@meta4coaching.co.uk or if you would love to complete the NLP Communication Style test you can do so by purchasing Clare’s 1st book Do.It.Now – A practical workbook to let your business work hard, not you! on Amazon here >> amzn.to/2AWx1H3