How do you take a guilt-free holiday from your business?

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Perhaps you’ve been running your business for some time now or you could be just a few months in, either way, the thought of taking a holiday and one where you’re able to switch off just isn’t an option right now…or is it?

This image conjures up feelings of freedom, fun and complete escapism, doesn’t it?

And the fact that it looks like a private pool makes for an even better holiday where you can fully relax and be entirely YOU.

Does that feel like wishful thinking; a dream so far away it’s not worth thinking about?

You may feel like you can’t take a holiday due to the amount of work you have on or you’ll lose momentum building up your pipeline, to earn the money you need in order to pay for the holiday.

Is there a lack of structure and control you have in the business so it feels impossible to hand anything over without feeling embarrassed.

“Life is all about balance, and there are certain times of the year – birthday, anniversary, holidays – that are meant to be enjoyed without guilt.”

- Harley Pasternak

Know this – continuing in this vain, working hard without a break will keep you stretched, frustrated and stressed.

Time and time again, I hear of people finally letting go and relaxing, taking a break from holding on too tight and it’s then and ONLY then that the good things come, the thing they have been working towards for many months, maybe years unexpectedly arrives.

Therein lies the lesson. How to take a holiday…

From someone who leaves their phone behind locked in an office drawer, I know this isn’t an option for everyone.

In fact, even the thought of that may leave you in a cold sweat!

Relax, there are other alternatives.

Firstly, let’s get your work in a place where you feel comfortable to leave it behind.

Plan several weeks in advance of the holiday, what absolutely needs to be dealt with before you leave?

Who needs to be told about your holiday and what holding message can be left for those who try to get in touch while you’re away?

Once you’ve addressed these questions in your business the final step to take is to put on your out of office on both voicemail and email – this small but significant step will massively reduce your anxiety and stress for the duration of your break and positively increase your ability to relax knowing anything important and urgent will be captured by a message.

Holidays don’t need to be far-flung and flanked by a pool, a staycation is not just a cool new term, it’s a way of being able to switch off and enjoy what your country and your local area have to offer too.

Go on, take a break. Your business will thank you for it…