1080p CCTV and telemetry for vehicles - buyers beware

6th Sense Technologies Limited

As with any business model that starts gaining traction, there are many who jump on the bandwagon hoping to take a slice of the pie and there are many legacy systems that have not kept up with progression.

This creates a confusing arena for buyers, it is often not their field of expertise which can easily lead them to become misled and sold the wrong solution; something that appears “State of the art” but often isn’t. This invariably leaves the buyer thinking, I’ve tried this, now I have no faith so is there a need for further conversation, more cost?

Would you go to a doctor who has misdiagnosed before? 6ST knows its business in detail and understands its client needs in order to prescribe the right solution. This is fundamental...or should be in any technology-based business.

Last week I had been told about several “not fit for purpose” systems:

“Other systems I’ve looked at are hard to install, take too much time, customers won’t pay for it unless it is thrown into the vehicle which I will not do. Some that I have seen are terrible.” (a vehicle converter and breakdown recovery specialist). My reply: “We all know it has to be installed correctly otherwise problems replacing cables will arise and these are time-consuming and costly”. "Once our (Sparrowhawk) system is installed it has a long warranty giving better value for money over time if a component were damaged or did fail then as it is all plug & play it is easy to swap-out that component."

A complaint from a UK Police Force: “We have a vehicle CCTV system installed; the footage was used in court but was thrown out. The system was not designed for evidential purposes and should not have been submitted”.
I confirmed: “Any system that 6ST supply will have high-resolution captured video that is always admissible in a court of law”.

Another Vehicle converter stated: “We have installed 20 systems that we may have to take out. The supplier did not meet the brief they were given. Our client has circa 400 vehicles”.

After a brief chat, I was able to explain some of the abilities of our system, these immediately fully fit with their requirements. A meeting to determine the finer points is booked.

We are in a period of austerity, and apparently, another recession is on its way, I am not sure it went away from 11 years ago!
What these times bring are obvious; money becomes tight, livelihoods are lost and poverty creeps in leading to an increase in crime... vehicles are vulnerable. Having the right “fit for purpose” system is essential, it may mean spending a little more on the right system rather than a cheaper one, but is it worth it if that other system cannot perform correctly? But will it cost more in the long term?

6ST has leading high-quality onboard video capture supplemented with tracking and telemetry (vehicle data) capture.

6ST will listen and diagnose correctly allowing us to deliver the correct solution to solve your issue and meet your needs, securing your vehicles while saving you time and giving value for money.