6 ways to make your business website user-friendly

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The internet has revolutionized the way businesses do their marketing.

Through websites, businesses can reach out to clients in any part of the world and do sales talk 24/7.

Later innovations such as artificial intelligence-powered bots, cloud technology, and big data processing have provided businesses with better tools to improve their digital marketing.

However, every business needs to focus on a particular aspect of digital marketing, which is improving the user experience.

Similar to how a snobbish salesperson can turn away a customer, so would a business website with poor performance and appearance turn away its online visitors.

To extract the most revenue out of your website, you need to have a user-friendly website with the following traits:

1. Quick loading time

Many internet users are lazy and impatient.

It would take only two or three seconds for your visitors to click the back or exit button and go to a competitor’s website.

Thus, your website’s loading time is something you need to consider seriously, as it should load in an instant.

Graphics and videos are the usual culprits for a slow-loading website, although high traffic can cause your website to load slowly as well.

Instead of a high-resolution image, you can use compressed images with decent resolution, and avoid using videos for your home page. However, if videos would be necessary, limit its length to less than 30 seconds.

If your site tends to slow down because of high traffic, it means you need to upgrade your website’s host server.

2. Responsiveness

Many internet users are too lazy to pick up the phone or visit your physical office.

Thus, your website’s call-to-action (CTA) button should already enable your visitors to do what you want them to do.

For example, you can make your CTA button redirect those who click it to answer a response form.

They can type in their queries and send their messages or concerns in an instant.

On your end, make sure that there is always someone who would give them a snappy reply, regardless of the time of the day.

You can use an AI-powered bot to answer the basic questions and save time on concentrating on more serious or complex queries.

3. Creative yet simple

Infographics and animations can be a stimulating way to attract visitors and sustain their attention.

However, you need to balance your creativity with the simplicity of style and layout.

You also have to balance the number of white spaces in your website’s design, as well as to choose the right colour combinations of text and background.

Ensure readability while sustaining interest in your website by striking a balance between simplicity and creativity.

Also, consider practical factors such as website loading time.

4. Consistent

Part of your digital marketing goal is to make your website visitors associate a set of visual elements with your brand.

Use the same font styles and colour schemes throughout your site.

A consistent style would also prevent confusion from arising among your visitors.

5. Direct to the point

Your website should be easy for your visitors to navigate and look for the information they need.

It should not take them more than two clicks to go to the webpage they need.

Strategic tabs such as the “About Us,” “Products,” and “Contact Us” should be conspicuous on your site, along with your CTA button.

Directness and clarity should also be reflected in the content of your site, especially your blog posts.

By providing your visitors with the quick information they are looking for, you greatly improve their user experience on your site.

6. Discreetness

Temper your eagerness to convert as many visitors into actual customers as possible.

Business websites feel too intrusive, especially when it comes to asking for contact information.

Panels upon panels of advertisements can also compete for visitor’s attention.

As a result, visitors feel more wary and uncomfortable with the aggressive way websites force them to buy something.

Instead of promoting your bottom-line goals, your website should be of value for your users, which would require discreetness and respect for their needs.

Understand your visitors’ and target audience’s behaviour to create web design and content that strengthens their trust in your brand.

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