Goals of a business coach in 2020

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I used to HATE this time of year (back when I worked in the corporate world).

The start of a new year, with the whole of the year stretching ahead used to fill me with utter dread.

I can still remember the feeling now of walking back into the office around January 3rd full of disappointment that I was back on the treadmill.

Cut to now. I LOVE this time of year, the change in perspective is a complete 360.

Thinking has shifted to; a whole new year ahead to set new goals, create new plans and go out and achieve them, full of excitement and expectation!

I must admit achieving goals wasn’t always the case. I used to plan, set business goals and not achieve, which would spiral into getting frustrated and thoroughly disheartened.

I see business owners now who sit in overwhelm reluctant to plan and set business goals for fear of not achieving.

So, here’s how I now set my goals AND achieve them.

Getting ahead with business planning Starting to make plans in early December means I can begin to think about what I want to achieve in the business in the forthcoming 12 months, giving the added benefit of switching off over the Christmas and new year break knowing I have a loose plan in place.

I then go into January adding the detail to those plans and creating steps for each quarter.

Working with a Business Coach I work with a business coach and a business mastermind group who keep me accountable, on track for achieving and support me to set realistic and challenging goals.

They help to weed out which plans are lined with negative belief issues and where my plans can be stepped up a gear to make an impact for myself and others.

They all make up my very own cheerleading squad!

A Business Coach's Goals

It would be incredibly inspiring if fellow business owners would share their goals, however, there still seems to exist a deep-rooted fear of ‘what if I share them and don’t achieve?’

So with full disclosure, my business goals are to help more creative business owners achieve profitability and balance, to increase the number of business owners who want to enjoy working with me in my superpower – working in partnership creating compelling content, and helping more wannabe entrepreneurs set up small businesses and avoid the pitfalls, enjoying the best of being a business owner instead.

I can’t wait to get 2020 well underway!

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