LISTEN: Creating change through powerful conversations

Feldspar Consulting Limited

Many individuals and organisations find change difficult, and right now, we are all being asked to cope with more change than ever.  It can feel really hard at the moment to stay motivated and stay strong, when we are in a word of ambiguity and constant change.  The feeling of overwhelm that so many of us are feeling takes us way beyond any previous experience that we might have of dealing with change.

So, how do we keep ourselves, our teams and our businesses going?

The key is to keep talking.

My work with clients and my academic research tells me that conversations are the key to creating and sustaining change.  To begin these conversations in your own organisation, take the first step and ask yourself and your colleagues:

  • How am I/you feeling?
  • What support do I/you need right now?
  • What is working well for me/you/us right now?
  • What needs to change?

Listen to what you hear and then take action on what you find out.  And keep having these conversations as we steer ourselves through the months ahead.

I have recently launched a podcast, ChangeStories, to provide more ideas about creating change and having more powerful conversations, both in organisations and for individuals. 

Each episode features a guest who is an expert in the field, sharing their stories about change.  I had the idea for a podcast a few years ago as a way to share ideas and conversations, and when I met the fantastic Pete Morgan from Monkey Pants Productions, at a Chamber event, I knew he could help make my idea a reality.

I’m really interested to hear from any Chamber members or other organisations who have an interesting story to tell about change and who might be interested in coming onto the podcast to share it.  You can find out more and listen to the podcast here or do get in touch with me here if I can help you or your organisation be more successful in creating change.

Dr Susanne Evans
Feldspar Consulting Limited