Monitor, assess and adjust

Millennium Cargo

I’ve been in business a long time.

I’ve made some mistakes. But I’ve learned from them, refined the business and kept pushing forwards.

It’s what you have to do as a business owner.

Monitor, assess and adjust.

It’s simple. One of the basics in business.

But it never ceases to amaze me just how many business owners don’t even get the basics right.

Just before the latest lockdown was announced I decided to get some work done in my garden.

Now, you might remember from my blog back in April, that gardening is not my thing.

The last time I tried to spruce up the garden myself I ended up hitting the deck and spending several painful weeks feeling sorry for myself - I never did find out if my ribs really were broken!

If you missed that email you can read on the blog here…

I learnt my lesson.

So this time I decided to hire a landscape gardener.

“This will be easy!” I thought. “I got a leaflet through the door last week, I’ll call them”

Famous last words…

I picked up the phone and it rang out. No one picked up. No answerphone to leave a message.

“I’ll try again later,” I thought. But when I did there was still no reply.

So I moved on.

I found another two gardeners in the local town magazine. Neither of them picked up. I did leave a message with one, but I’m still waiting for someone to call me back.

What I thought would be a quick two minute job turned into hours hunting down gardeners and trying to get them to pick up the phone so I could give them my money!
It’s frustrating for me- but insane for them!

These leaflet drops and magazine ads cost money. If they don’t pick up the phone or respond to messages from them then what’s the bloody point?

Here at Millennium, we know that time is of the essence. We understand that you don’t want to chase us for a quote - you’ve got other things to do.

We’re a 24 hour operation and you can reach us on Whatsapp, Messenger, Linked In, Facebook and Email and even via our chat room online (Coming soon).

You can call me on the office line or even my own mobile phone - because we get it! It’s our job to make you do business with us - and we’ll do everything we can to make that easy for you.

So what about you? Do you pick up the phone when it rings? Or are you leaving potential customers hanging?

Perhaps it’s something for you to monitor, assess and adjust.

Chadd Blunt
Millennium Cargo