Statistics show your workforce want a hot drinks vending machine

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As the clocks go back and the weather takes another turn for the worse, life’s little pleasures are more important than ever. Especially in the workplace, where as a MD, manager or team leader it is your responsibility to keep staff morale high.

This article will explain the importance of providing high quality hot drinks on site. It may seem something minor, but it can make a big difference to the productivity of your team. And with Coinadrink’s operated vending offer, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of our services.

Think about your hot drinks’ consumption. We’re guessing it’s pretty high, or at the very least is a daily occurrence. Over 90 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every single day, whilst over 75% of Brits drink at least one cup of tea every day, too. We’re certainly talking high numbers here.

And with over 60% of our day being spent in the workplace, it’s only natural to see our hot drinks consumption carry over to this environment.

Now think about your workplace. How do you enjoy your hot drinks? A lot of companies may still rely on the kettle, whilst other companies may force their staff off site to the coffee shop or local convenience store. But it’s those that have a hot drinks vending machine installed that are doing it the right way!

And we have more stats to explain why.

It’s clear: your staff need a hot drinks vending machine

Let’s first examine the importance of hot drinks at work. The last few years have seen the UK develop a genuine coffee culture, one that sees 81% of people visit the coffee shop weekly.

And we don’t even need to “big up” our nations’ love of tea, with it still remaining the UK’s most popular beverage!

Chances are, your staff crave higher quality hot drinks, so why not provide? At first thought it may seem like it’s impossible to replicate the quality of the coffee shop at work, but with a hot drinks vending machine you really can. Much of our equipment can dispense fresh bean coffee and fresh leaf tea in less than 30 seconds, something the kettle cannot do.

Having a hot drinks vending machine installed in your workplace will keep your staff on site for their break times, something that’s even more important as we approach the colder winter climate.

It’s not just about ensuring your employees stick to their allotted break times, either. It can also strengthen relationships with their colleagues. Four in five people who take coffee breaks with their work mates reported that it helped them to develop a stronger working relationship.

And three quarters of workers agree that having access to high quality coffee at work shows their employer cares for their wellbeing. This translates to a more productive workforce, with 90% of workers saying high quality coffee motivates them to do their best at work.

So, the results speak for themselves. At the moment, chances are you’re either forcing your staff off site for their coffee and tea fix or providing sub-par facilities on site.

Have you heard about our current operated vending offer?

Ease your workplace into the colder weather with the help of our operated vending offer we currently have available.

Right now, enjoy your first 500 hot drinks completely free when you sign any operated vending agreement with us.

An operated vending contract is available on our floorstanding hot drinks machines, ideal for larger workplaces. With our award-winning operated vending service, you can enjoy high quality tea and coffee and leave us to handle all the replenishment and maintenance on a custom schedule to suit you.

Having a hot drinks machine on site is convenient and highly cost-effective, not to mention the benefits it brings to the wellbeing and productivity of the workforce.

Contact Coinadrink Limited today and start giving your workforce what they really want on site…

Alistair Ward
Coinadrink Limited