Stop selling, start retaining - part one

Delta Swan

Today a contact told me ‘selling is service; service is selling’. Let’s leave the former for another day and consider ‘service is selling’.

Service clearly sells in simple transactions, say buying apples from a market. The display, warmth of welcome and fruit quality create trust. Before you know it you a tasty tangerine slips into your hand.

‘Service is selling’ applies across sales right up to multimillion, international, complex B2B purchases. If we don’t trust, we don’t buy.

But we reserve judgement, testing if suppliers keep promises and deliver as well as they sell. We open our hearts (read wallets) to those we trust.

Selling to existing, delighted customers is easier and costs less than finding fresh ones.

So, you've set your growth targets for 2021 and beyond. You have brilliant marketing and sales teams. You’ve set a healthy customer acquisition budget.

But are you creating headwinds? How many customers do you lose for each customer you recruit? What is the cost of keeping lost customers?

Is it time to focus on retention?

If you worry about customer satisfaction, contact me for a free consultation. Chamber members get an exclusive one-hour consultation which dives deeper than my standard 30-minute session.

To be continued...

Michelle Spaul
Delta Swan

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