Thought leadership – Reducing risks in delivering digital transformation

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Digital Transformation is a buzzword that has immersed into the tech-world, even in particular during 2020 and everybody thinks they need to be doing ‘Digital Transformation.’

We’ve been delivering Digital Transformation for over 9 years working across sectors including Local Government, Education Institutes, Not for

Within our wonderful region alone, we’re proud to have supported Birmingham Metropolitan College, Sandwell College and Wolverhampton College on their Finance, Procurement, HR, Payroll and CRM Digital Transformation journeys.

How do we minimise risk and deliver digital transformation projects?

We’ve all heard of IT project failures, or indeed project costs and timescales spiralling out of control, and for a team that prides itself on delivering successful outcomes, minimising risks are critical.

The tools that make up a project manager’s tool kit would normally include Microsoft Project, some  resource scheduling tool, a time and expense management tool for resources and some form of project costing and tracking application which will ensure costs and income are recorded for a project.  This being essential for project profitability tracking

These are all excellent tools for the job, but the problem comes that they often work in silos and there is a constant juggling act of keeping these co-ordinated.

We’ve started to use and further develop a Project automation platform.  It allows us to build and track a project plan, we can see resource availability from  the scheduling tool, our team can record time and expense and we are able to track project costs, produce invoices and record project profitability all from a single source SaaS application.

This is not a sell, but would be keen to share our experiences with other like minded organisations or individuals and show case what we have as well as open it up to critique


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