How a hot drinks machine can improve workplace morale

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The month of December welcomes lots of festive fun, but it also brings bitter weather conditions that are enough to get anyone down. Especially first thing, when the stresses and strains of the morning rush are only emphasised by ice, wind and rain all housed within sky that’s as dark as night.

As an employer or a person occupying a senior position in the company, the task of motivating your team when at work becomes even tougher during this time of the year.

In this article we will detail the importance of having a hot drinks machine installed in your workplace, with stats, facts and figures revealing an intriguing connection to the morale, wellbeing and productivity of your team.

It’s firstly a good idea to identify modern day office coffee culture, and how this continues to develop at rapid pace. From a recent survey, over 75% of office staff said they drink coffee every single day at work. This forms a watertight base to examine the positive effects of such consumption.

And to summarise, enjoying high quality coffee in the workplace may appear to be something small, but it actually has a significant impact on employees’ overall views about their place of work and the culture it promotes on a wider scale.

It’s all about what your employees want. And need.

As you read this report, remember to keep one important thing in your mind: your employees are the heartbeat of your business. They matter, perhaps a lot more than you think. Without them you’d have nothing to offer your customers, and as such should be treated with care, respect and gratitude.

But despite the fact that over a quarter of UK employees surveyed said that the availability of high-quality coffee significantly improves their working day, just 3 in 10 say they actually have access to this simple perk.

This is something that needs to change. If your employees are happy in their working environment, then they are more likely to be engaged and productive. Providing premium coffee from a facility such as a hot drinks machine doesn’t need to be expensive, yet will quickly prove to be an excellent addition.

It starts with value. Or rather, how valued your team will feel with access to these luxury hot drinks. Almost 9 in 10 employees see small perks as important to staff retention. From this, 75% say having access to high quality tea and coffee at work would suggest that their employer cares about their wellbeing.

And it makes sense when you think about it. A high proportion of tea and coffee being consumed every day is from the high street coffee shop, with 81% of people visiting every week. This would suggest that we have a taste for luxury hot drinks, rather than something quickly thrown together using the kettle.

With cutting-edge technology and premium ingredients such as fresh bean coffee and fresh leaf tea, a hot drinks machine is an excellent solution. But how exactly would fresh bean coffee (and fresh leaf tea!) deliver noticeable benefits to your business?

Wellbeing. Motivation. Relationships. Creativity.

Over half of UK employees take at least one coffee break a day. And 3 in 5 say that having coffee is an important part of British culture, as we stated earlier on. Many regard a coffee break as a fantastic stress reliever and 39% say that enjoying high quality coffee at work is relaxing.

Boosting wellbeing in turn boosts motivation for your work. 90% of UK employees who regularly drink high quality coffee in the workplace makes them feel motivated to do their best in their role. High quality coffee was actually listed as the third most desired perk at work out of 10 suggested, and sure enough 81% of employees with regular access intend to be at their company in two years’ time. Remember what we said about the importance of retaining star talent?

It’s a common suggestion that “teamwork makes the dream work”, and premium coffee could actually improve staff engagement, too. After all, when you hear that 81% of UK employees believe that coffee breaks help forge stronger relationships with their colleagues, it’s easy to see why 69% of staff fight for their importance.

Put all this together, and you are left with a creative and productive team. Something that can only be good for your business. Just over half of UK employees who regularly enjoy high quality coffee in the office say they have had a creative idea during a coffee break. And 67% agree they feel more productive.

A hot drinks machine is a simple yet effective solution this winter.

We believe that having a hot drinks machine in your workplace, vending premium tea, coffee and more in less than 30 seconds, is a necessity all year round. But we do accept that the need becomes far greater with sub-zero temperatures outside.

And whilst the kettle remains a popular choice for many businesses up and down the country, the fact is that it cannot capture the level of quality your team quite clearly need. In fact, if you’re in the mood to learn more about the benefits of a hot drinks machine over the kettle, including speed and hygiene, you can do so here.

With fresh bean coffee, fresh leaf tea and impressive designs across the board, only a hot drinks machine can deliver coffee shop quality beverages and the coffee shop experience in the heart of your workplace this winter.

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Alistair Ward
Coinadrink Limited