I think we’ve got a bit of a problem

Millennium Cargo

I’m going to show my age a little bit now, but I’m really concerned about the younger generations.

They’ve grown up in a world of instant.

Instant tv. Instant messaging. Instant coffee.

Even shopping is pretty much instant with Amazon Prime’s next day delivery well established and same-day delivery now being rolled out.

They’re not used to having to wait.

Now, I hear what you’re saying… “What’s the problem? Surely, this is a good thing Chadd?”

And it is.

But good things can also have a bad side.

In a world of “instant”, people can forget about the power of the long game.

You want to grow your business and you want to do it now.

You want to close that client and you want it done today.

But what about the long game?

What about patience, perseverance and persistence? All key traits of a good business owner.

I recently received an order from a prospect that I’d been communicating with for nearly 18 months.

When he’d first got in touch back in May 2019 he’d asked for a quote to export some goods the USA - so I obliged.

A few weeks rolled on and no sale.

The next month he contacted me again, “Can you update the rates please Chadd?”

So I updated the rates.

Every month for 18 months this prospect would get in touch and ask me to update my quote - then still not place an order.
I could have easily sacked him off as “not worth the time” because he didn’t convert fast enough. The sale wasn’t instant.

But that’s not the Millennium way.

Here at Millennium, we’re all about relationships. The core foundations this 25 year old business is built on is getting to know people and building connections.

We play the long game.

So every month I sent that quote and built those bridges. And after 18 months, they finally placed a shipment with us.

And boy was it worth the wait! It was a large, Break Bulk shipment order worth tens of thousands pounds in sales.

So what about you? Are you obsessed with instant or are you willing to play the long game too?

Chadd Blunt
Millennium Cargo