6 things SEO cannot do for your business

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A strategic approach to SEO practices will improve any websites search engine rank and ensure that your brand is visible. However, some businesses make impulsive decisions which lead to major mistakes. They get locked into subscription-based SEO services that are not proven and are costly. Other mistakes that businesses make is to assume that engaging with an SEO agency will lead to an influx of traffic and potential sales.

SEO can definitely be beneficial and lead to increased sales. However, there are other factors at play.

1.) SEO practices cannot fix poorly constructed content.

Content is very important to any website’s success with regards to engagement. This is why poor content can really damage a site and reduce engagement. However, good content engages a website’s audience and leads to more shares on social media platforms which is crucial with regards to where a website ranks on search engines.

If you are not investing in good quality content that offers value and encourages engagement, a business may be sabotaging their own SEO efforts’.

2.) Guarantee an immediate change in search engine rankings

It takes time for a solid SEO strategy to produce results and if other factors are at play, like a questionable site history which can be rectified, a boost in rankings may take even longer or require a different strategic approach. However, with a well thought out SEO campaign a company can see a significant change in ranking within 6-8 months.

3.) Fix an inadequately designed Site

Visitors to any site prefer websites that are easy to navigate, professionally designed and display properly on mobile devices.

When engagement is low and bounce rate is high it might be time to consider utilising a website designer in order to ensure your brand is presented adequately on the internet.

4.) Guarantee Sales

SEO can directly lead to a boost in sales. However, the service or product a company or brand provides is what leads to more purchases.

Increased traffic and improvement in search engine ranking will offer considerably more opportunities. Although, only relying on SEO is risky as what any brand or business should be paying close attention to is their rate of conversion.

5.) Increase user engagement

User engagement is important not only for SEO but also for brand awareness and sales. When users are engaged, a business has the attention of their potential customers which provides a unique opportunity to build trust and provide their audience with more valuable content.

User engagement increases shares on social media platforms and encourages new audiences to contribute to the conversation around the businesses or brands endeavours.

6.) Fix a Bad Reputation

SEO can be used to conceal bad reviews and complaints. However, SEO cannot be used to repair an inherently bad reputation.

If customers are not happy with your services or products, word will spread and a business’s or brands reputation will be affected negatively. Adjusting the quality of your service and/or products is a more cost-effective solution than constantly engaging in SEO campaigns.

SEO should be a part of every business’s online marketing strategy, but it is important to have realistic expectations and take a multi-faceted approach to improve search engine rankings. Include a well-designed website, well-constructed content, audience engagement both on a businesses or brands website and social media platforms. All this in conjunction with a focus on offering exceptional services/products can work alongside SEO to help a business achieve its goals.

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