Assaults on teaching staff lead to high rate of exclusions

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Whilst reading our local Express and Star, I was shocked to read that children lost nearly 3000 days of schooling in Sandwell alone during 2019 due to disruptive behaviour. Read the full article here

George Makin writes that A report to the borough’s children’s services and education scrutiny board shows more than 700 youngsters were kept out of mainstream schooling last year while 46 were expelled.

The report states “As with secondary schools, persistent disruptive behaviour is the main reason for exclusion in primary schools, followed by physical assault on an adult.”

At the end of the article I was delighted to see that the local education board and other external bodies were working together to reduce this number by offering ways to support pupil’s mental health and wellbeing.

By addressing the reasons why young people may display challenging behaviour the amount of exclusions have been reduced by half in the last three years.

Through delivering Conflict Management and Physical Intervention training to many schools locally and nationally teaching staff have openly admitted that they are worried for their personal safety and also worried about the repercussions about intervening in potentially violent situations due to the fear of allegations being made against them by pupils.

Lupe Training pride ourselves on being able to reassure staff during training sessions of their legal rights as employees to keep themselves and others safe in potentially violent situations.

We also help schools to develop a positive culture to help reduce the need for staff to physically intervene by offering alternative methods that are focused on reintegration rather than exclusion.

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Did You Know!

Under section 44 and 100 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, Employees must not be disciplined or dismissed for the following reasons; Taking appropriate steps to protect either themselves or others in circumstances of serious or imminent danger.

Leave or propose to leave the workplace, if there is believed to be some serious or imminent danger which could not be averted, and, Refusing to return whilst the danger persists.