Business coaching disasters

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The longer I’ve been in business the more coaching disasters I hear of from fellow business owners and potential clients.

Those people who need to work with a business coach, but are unfortunately once bitten, twice shy – understandably!

I’ve been there myself, so I know what it feels like to invest time and money with someone you trust only for them not to deliver on their promises.

This is totally disheartening and takes away any faith you may have had. As the coaching industry grows (£10-billion-pound industry in the UK alone) these are the stories that I am hearing more and more of.

I hear horror stories of people entering coaching programs without setting any clear objectives, no agreed way to measure and a lack of structure. Therefore – no real, tangible results at the end of it all….

With the online industry booming and the concept of passive income on the rise – earning while you sleep has had a huge impact on what results and benefits are being delivered by coaches but my belief is there are some industries where you cannot replace human contact & interaction.

Looking back to 2010 at my own coaching disaster, I started a program with a leading UK coach and it’s easy now to see the fundamental problems with the original ‘agreement’.

Yes, there were clear outcomes set (on my behalf) but there was no structure to the coaching programme, there were no ongoing measurements during or after the coaching, and therefore, absolutely zero results.

Except, disillusion on my behalf – if I work with a leading coach at the top of her game what must all the others be like!?

I basically had a day out in London with an exceptionally long lunch, 30 minutes with the coach at a cost of £1500!

This experience was invaluable to me when I started on my coaching journey, I would never want any of my clients to feel so disheartened.

I wasn’t put off, I picked myself back up and found a coach with integrity. I followed her for a few years, spoke to lots of people she had worked with and tried and tested all the free stuff she shared first.

Basically, I did my due diligence and used my network to make sure I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

The results of working with a coach CAN BE life-changing.

Select the right business coach for you and you can achieve more profitability, better balance, sustainable growth, regular income as well as having an inspiring team around you – PLUS freeing up the time to enjoy it all.

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