How a website consultant will improve your website

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Consultants often get a bad rep. They’ve often seen as outsiders who swoop in, give some advice and then leave again after being paid a huge sum of money. The reality is a bit different.

In fact, a website consultant can be invaluable if you want to take your digital space to the next level.

Here are five reasons how a website consultant will improve your website.

#1 Analyse the data your site generates

Your site generates a lot of data. Even if you don’t have a massive amount of traffic, the people that do visit your site leave behind a great deal of data that you can use to your advantage.

From what links they used to get onto your site, the page they landed on right down to how long they spent on each section and what device they used. All of this can be discovered in Google Analytics.

A website consultant can shift through all this data to see how people use your site and advise on adjustments so that your visitors get the best experience.

#2 Provide an objective take on things

Whether you think your website is the best thing on the internet or the worst, you will be attached to it in some way. This can mean it is difficult to look at it objectively and make the right decisions to take it forward.

A website consultant doesn’t have any affiliation to your site. They didn’t build it and aren’t attached to it. Their job is to look at it objectively and suggest actions that will help it improve which is invaluable if you want an impartial opinion.

#3 Optimise your site

The design of your website might be fantastic but is it optimised for search engines?

SEO and being visible though organic search is vital to your website’s long term success. While paid ads and other methods are a great short term strategy for traffic, SEO is a valuable long term approach.

With a website consultant you can get your site optimised with targeted keywords so the right people find you online.

#4 Help with usability

How easy your website is to use and navigate is paramount to how successful it will be. If people can’t find what they want on your site then they are likely to exit out in rapid time.

With the help of an experienced web consultant they can diagnose any usability problems your website has and let you know how it can be improved.

This is important for user experience and may mean the difference between a new customer and someone getting away from your website as quick as they can.

#5 Set goals for the future

Just having your website online doesn’t mean that is the end of the journey. You need to set objectives for the future.

A website consultant can look at how your website is performing now and help you to set realistic and measurable goals going forward. This could be an increase in traffic, rise in conversions or getting more people to engage with your site.

A consultant can improve your website

A website consultant can mean the difference between your website performing OK and really taking off. If you want to find out how your site is performing, what it is doing right and wrong and also how to make it more effective in the future then hire a website consultant today.

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