rCUP – the future of the takeaway coffee cup!

Coinadrink Limited

It’s a good job that on-the-go coffee consumption is as popular as it is, else the takeaway coffee cup as we all know it would be in for a very hard time.

Sure, it’s been the tried and trusted method for decades now, but like anything, it can always be improved.

After all, it’s flimsy, poorly insulated and as we’ve all been made aware of recently, is also rather damaging to our environment.

So when Coinadrink Limited started offering ashortwalk’s‘rCUP’ on their online Refreshment Shop, there’s plenty of reasons to get excited.

Put simply, rCUP is the future of the takeaway coffee cup. It looks nothing like the paper coffee cups we’ve all known – and used - before, but there’s good reason for that when you come to understand all of the benefits rCUP introduces.

First and foremost, it prioritises our planet with a design that’s part crafted from used paper cups.

rCUP comes in two different sizes, but even the smaller 8oz variation puts six used paper cups to good use. S

o that’s six cups that have successfully been recovered from going straight to landfill. Coinadrink’s innovative eye as an experienced vending company often leads them to exciting new products that will help shape and evolve the industry, and it is strongly anticipated that rCUP will do the same.

It is said that if just one in ten coffee drinkers switched to rCUP, 50 million used cups could effectively be recycled! rCUP also has a 10 year guarantee, and when you’re finally done with it you can recycle rCUP with everyday household waste.

So now that there is more of a purpose to standard takeaway coffee cups, it helps to encourage companies to invest in better recycling facilities. Result.

So, in what is no mean feat, rCUP has the sustainability aspect solved. But what good is that if it’s no good as an actual coffee cup? How exactly can used paper cups turn into something you’ll actually want to use?

A strong resin material ensures that rCUP is a tough old thing, which boosts both insulation and durability. ashortwalk say that rCUP can keep your hot beverage above 40 degrees for at least 90 minutes and it only loses around 10 degrees of heat every half an hour. And you needn’t worry if you’re prone to spilling your beverage, either.

rCUP’s sturdy design utilises a push button seal, which providing it’s closed, ensures that rCUP is completely leak proof. That’s correct, you can knock it off your desk, chuck it into a backpack and even play catch with it, because rCUP will remain completely intact. That seal also doubles us as a handy way to drink your beverage, thanks to a 360 degree drinking angle.

So, no more trying to find that slim drinking hole that you’ve had to become accustomed to. So there you have it. rCUP is a true marvel and one that is going to take the industry by storm.

You can experience it in a multitude of colours across two different sizes, 8oz and 12oz, so rCUP is truly yours.

Refreshment Shop is a premium seller of rCUP, so why not help to shape a planet fit for future generations and order the ‘coffee cup of the future’ yourself?