Are e-bikes a game changer?


A recent report from Deloitte has highlighted that cycling and e-bikes will be the second most important innovation behind 5G for 2020.

They predict that the fastest selling electric vehicle will be the e-bike between 2020 and 2023.

I have been cycling for over 30 years and have witnessed the emergence of e-bikes from around 2010 where they started appearing on the promenade in Spain where I train in the winter months.

When I noticed the independence they were providing to the senior community there, I knew they were going to change things dramatically.

So why are e-bikes such a game changer?

E-bikes make cycling less of a physical challenge which opens up this activity and mode of transport to many more people.

Their application is varied from making the morning commute quicker, easier and greener to blazing up mountain bike trails with ease in North Wales.

E-bikes are opening up not just a new mode of transport but a new world of outdoor activity options.

While out training I have noticed more couples out on a Sunday country ride with stops at a canal side café for lunch.

E-bikes will take you there and get you home without worrying about fatigue setting in.

E-bikes are pedal assisted and you do get a lighter workout as the body is moving but with a lack of impact that other activities such as running would produce, so they are kind to the body.

E-bikes are introducing people to a more active lifestyle and a report from Sustrans highlighted that an estimated 34,000 incidences of eight life-threatening conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, stroke, breast cancer and depression, would be prevented in seven major cities between 2017 and 2040, if cycling increased at rates like those seen since the millennium in London.

Forbes have commented that some doctors in the UK are now referring patients to a 12 week cycling programme with the aim of making people more confident on a bike and to introduce cycling as a habit.

Here at Ebikebrum we have for many years seen e-bikes as the perfect tool to introduce cycling to many more people, make their travel and commuting journeys greener and also promote good health.

They really are a game changer for so many reasons, come and visit us at the chamber expo and find out more about e-bikes at our stand.

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Chris Coyle, Director, Ebikebrum Ebikebrum will be exhibiting at the Greater Birmingham Chambers' Spring Expo on 12 March at Villa Park. Ebikebrum specialist bike and e-bike suppliers to Birmingham businesses.