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I always love this time of year…..

Now more than ever, Social media has created a platform for celebrating International Women’s Day in a way that was inconceivable at it’s inception. Sometimes I really LOVE tech! Having the chance to shine a light on things that matter on a global basis is truly inspiring.

This year, the theme is #EachforEqual - creating a gender equal world and it is a shock to think that in 2020 it still isn’t the case and although some progress, there is still so much to do.

I often say that as someone from the tech world, it is an external shame and point of exasperation for me that only 17% of tech jobs are held by women with 1 in 10 in a Leadership position. As someone who also works in Transport, it is slightly better…….18%. But seriously there is so much to do to tap into all this talent and resolve this issue once and for all. The win is obvious…..and it is simply the right thing to do.

I know that not everyone is as lucky as me. I know that not everyone has access to a comprehensive and complete network of support, and I know I couldn’t have achieved my success without mine. But I believe that if we can provide that support to other women we can make a huge difference. I am often asked if I will coach or mentor and I regard it as a great privilege to be asked. If I can help someone on their personal journey, then I will always try.

I believe that to promote and encourage more women, we need to be cheerleaders for each other. If you know a woman with potential then tell her, pester her with opportunities and try and help her get there…. I have done this recently for a simply fab woman who needed some gentle encouragement…. You know who you are!

Role models really matter and can make a huge difference – if you can see it you can be it….. and by instilling values and a sense of self-worth, we can barrier bust that ever present “Imposter Syndrome”. I believe we are all role models to someone about something.
But role models for me must be real, they must be achievable, down to earth, everyday ordinary – maybe doing the extraordinary but ultimately women and men I can relate to.

Highlighting achievements and creating supportive environments is key. Creating an inclusive culture means tackling conscious and unconscious bias in recruitment, understanding what is the most effective way of supporting diversity but perhaps more importantly, ensuring Leadership are front and centre on this.

At Curium, we spend our time focusing on leadership development, organisational change and transformation. We know that making change happen and truly making it stick comes back to strong, effective and resilient leadership.

This doesn’t happen without planning and thought. It requires investment and effort but when done properly, the results can be astounding. So if we truly want to achieve #EachforEqual on Sunday 8 March, we can think about the need tackle things head on by resilient inclusive leadership, empowering potential, leading by example and make the change stick……

Tracy Westall
Curium Solutions