Going global

The Company Connector Ltd

In case you missed it, Brexit means that our trading relationships with the EU will change. But take heart as there are businesses and countries in Europe that still want to trade with the UK and the EU could still be a valuable market for you.

However, I believe there are greater opportunities in more distant countries that are also keen to carry out business with the UK.

In our research, we have identified several markets that are not the normal or obvious destination and the response in these places has been very warm.

That’s why we are working in Austin in Texas, San Diego in California, Montevideo in Uruguay and Ras el Khaimah in the UAE.

As a guide, here’s some top tips, if you are looking to Go Global:

• It pays to find markets with the lowest barriers to entry such as language, duties & registration fees. Language is especially important as, although English is recognised as the language of business, it is easier to work in countries where there is some commonality of culture.

• I would also suggest that you go where your product is needed most and not necessarily where the biggest financial opportunity is. As identified above, the least obvious market can have the greater opportunity,

• Having run a business networking organisation for years, you’d expect me to promote membership of local groups. But these really are important to growing your brand as well as building a support network in-country.

• I would also recommend identifying the DIT contacts in your target destination(s) and build a personal relationship as these people know the market and can really help to open doors.

• In some markets and, depending on your products, you may need to find a distributor who can help you with local logistics. You may also need to find assembly and/or manufacturing facilities; the words ‘Made in the USA’ are a great way to get your products onto American shelves.

• You should expect the sales cycle to take much longer than you are used to. This is especially so for any companies exporting physical goods where I would strongly recommend you start to research and understand the logistical processes as early as possible.

By working with The Company Connector you will meet the people and businesses you need to meet to grow your international opportunities.

We have contacts in over 30 destinations world-wide so contact us now to find your new export markets and Go Global.

I look forward to working with you.

Jeremy - (+44) 07831 148064