Helping brands communicate despite postponements

JDR Branding

Have you had to postpone or cancel an upcoming event?

Conferences, launch events, networking events and expos all provide businesses with a great opportunity to increase their brand exposure.

However with recent circumstances forcing many organisations to cancel or postpone their upcoming events, do you have a plan in place to ensure you can still engage with your target audience?

We had recently been working with a large client to create delegate packs for an upcoming event.

Unfortunately they had to cancel the event, but they wanted to ensure that the information and products were still able to get to each delegate.

To help them overcome this issue and still get the most out of their branded merchandise, we have taken the stock into our warehouse and have been working to put the packs together.

We have then also arranged for these packs to be delivered to each delegate on a set date, in readiness for a virtual version of the event, so all 2000 delegates will receive the pack on the same day throughout the UK.

This recent project perfectly demonstrates a great solution to how your business can still make an impact on your target audience, despite your event being cancelled or postponed.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you continue engaging with your target audience and get key messages across through the creation and delivery of bespoke gift packs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.