Should your next vehicle be electric?

Jon Burdekin Fleet Consulting Limited

Should your next vehicle be electric?

Given the proposed reduction of Company Car Tax (BIK) to 0% from April 2020 on Pure Electric Vehicles (those that emit less than 50g/km2 of CO2) it seems a simple decision for everybody to jump on board the electric revolution.

But will they work for you and for your business?

When you look at the Whole Life Cost of running an Electric Vehicle, the financial argument is compelling, and clearly if it works for you, it needs to be afforded serious consideration doesn’t it?

But EVs may not be right for everyone straight away and a detailed feasibility and financial analysis needs to be carried out before making the step.

There are several considerations to bear in mind;

- can the employee charge the vehicle at home? (That means do they have the off-street parking capability to house a chargepoint?)

- Do the driver’s daily journey patterns work within the ‘range’ of the EV they are considering.

Making EVs work is not about low annual mileages, but about fitting daily journeys in and around the available charging infrastructure – at home, at work or on the move.

An annual mileage of 30,000 is only 125 miles per working day – that’s well within the range of the vast majority of EVs on the market, provided the journey patterns are that consistent – 90% of EV drivers can get to work and back on a single charge

- What are the Whole Life Cost savings of switching to electric motoring? And can these be realistically achieved?

Inevitably, Electric Vehicles will be the motoring solution for us all.

Indeed, the Government has announced that from 2035, you will not be able to buy new petrol, diesel or self-charging hybrids - now is the time to get familiar with them.

If you would like advice and support in considering how best to implement Electric Vehicles into your fleet, ensuring you maximise the cost savings and CO2 reductions in doing so, please contact Jon Burdekin Fleet Consulting on 07904 440733, or email