Why digital marketing should still be ‘on’

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The world is in crisis, the country is near enough on lockdown, and you can’t find hand sanitizer anywhere, for love nor money. There is worry everywhere, and with the initial feelers out there, businesses are going to scale back on their marketing, which is potentially going to have a severe impact on the industry. But should it?

Companies are panicking and looking to rethink their marketing strategy and budget for 2020. But as the nation is forced to work from home, online marketing should become a core focus for businesses, and here’s why. 

Measurable results 

Digital marketing has evolved from being just a couple of blog posts and content strategies. It’s now broader than ever, and relies on SEO, paid media, social media, PR, email campaigns, to name a few. What is important to state however is that marketing (inbound and SEO in particular), is a long-term game, one in which you’re investing in building your processes and workflow consistently, creating content that ranks highly. 

And better still, online marketing is measurable. Isn’t that what businesses want to see, a return on investment? Keep calm and carry on is the usual saying, but in this case we’d advise to ‘revitalise and brainstorm’ instead. What we mean by this is to take a look at your existing campaigns, and ask yourself, do, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, your current campaigns still communicate and engage with your audience? 

A brainstorm, or thought shower, isn’t going to hurt either, to come up with new creative ideas to help your content marketing. There are opportunities out there, as a business you just need to make sure you’re channelling your marketing efficiently. 

Content demand

In what is the most challenging time the majority of us will ever face, businesses needing to communicate brand identity and values remain important. Millions of people across the country are searching for new content; whether it be via their laptops, tablets, iPads, phones, or Alexas’s. 

Is there a demand for digital marketing? Of course. Is that demand going to grow due to current circumstances? Most definitely. Online advertising, eCommerce, PPC, SEO, SEM, as examples, are going to see an increase in demand, so now is definitely a good time to build, or if not continue, a digital online presence. 

What are some of the options to explore?


Whether it is a website audit or overview, renewed keyword research, or staying up to date with Google algorithms, the key is to improve your website’s performance, ranking and keyword strategy. 

Content marketing

How much content are you pushing out each day, week, month? Can your blog or vlog be used across multiple platforms? You really need to be proactively, and reactively, making the most of the content, social media and doing as much as you can to stand out from the crowd, add value, and provide solutions to customer and business pain points. 

To summarise

Don’t panic and cut your marketing. Don’t panic and undo all of the hard work you’ve been building on for many months on end. As terrible as the current situation is, there is an opportunity for your digital marketing to evolve and be an even more crucial element to your business in order to generate leads. 

None of us know how long the Coronavirus is going to be here, and what long-term affect it’s going to have on everything, and everyone. But use the current situation to invest smartly in your marketing, in order to deliver great content and highlight yourself as a smart working business. 

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David Callaghan
Lightbox Digital