Fake PPE: It's a disgrace

Millennium Cargo

I Need To Have A Little Rant Today.

I usually like to keep it positive, but something’s put a bee in my bonnet and I need to share.

Illegal goods have always been a problem in the freight industry.

From drugs and weapons to illegal animals and trafficked people - there’s always a small group of disgraceful criminals trying to move these “goods” around the world.

But it seems these vile individuals have now found a way to profit from the recent world catastrophe and are smuggling fake medicines and PPE into ports around the world!

Just when I thought they couldn’t sink any lower…

They’re not only capitalising on people’s fear - but they’re putting them in danger too!

These fake drugs could be made from anything! Best case, they just won’t heal the problem they’re intended for - but worst case they could even cause serious injury or death!

And the PPE? It’s not medical standard. It won’t offer protection and it means there will be people out there doing high-risk jobs, thinking they’re protected when they’re not.

As freight forwarders it’s our job to be vigilant, stick to our standards and report anything that seems off.

Sure, times are hard and we all need the cash. But we have a duty of care to the people of the countries we ship to. We have a responsibility to ensure that we’re only moving legitimate goods and we’re not playing a part in this dirty business.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve spent a lot of time building relationships with our forwarders all over the world. I know them personally and I trust them. They’re good people and I know they’ll be doing their bit too.

But it brings up a good question - how well do you really know your suppliers?

Chadd Blunt
Millennium Cargo

PS - If you think there’s something fishy about a shipment then you can report it to the home office on 01394 303118 or 07920 587808 (out of hours).