A collaborative model is a sustainable model

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As we rebuild and prepare to re-open businesses in the new world, most of us have one thing on our mind; How can we create a more sustainable future? The companies that prosper in the next decade will be the ones that have taken the management-speak of “purpose” and turned it into reality.

There is no “back to normal” The only option is to do things “differently”. The planet has had time to heal, and so have we. And with that comes an understanding that the majority of us were exposed to some form of risk. Many of us shook alone on our business islands, weathered the storm and are now preparing to put the pieces back together again.

But with every disaster comes a moment of calmness. A breathing point when we are finally able to look around without fear.  Everything is still, and we can now see what we  are working with. And with this clear perspective comes the opportunity to collaborate and build a sustainable model from the ground up.

Regardless of the industry that you are in, or the type of business you have, collaboration is a powerful tool for small businesses. It’s the connections you form with others, the different ways you collaborate with those that you have formed connections with that will help you grow and strengthen your business.

We have always put collaborations and partnerships at the forefront of our marketing strategy as an agency. During the pandemic, we realised that we could be helping a lot more businesses if we expanded the way we partnered with local businesses in our area. Over the last two months we have been creating, curating and hosting webinars, content sessions and a live series with brands, decision makers and industry leaders in the west midlands area.  Our approach has proven that collaboration is key when it comes to creating a sustainable future for business.

Here are 6 reasons why Collaboration could help make your business more sustainable  post Covid.

It will Inspire you

Building a  bigger, brighter and better future takes energy. New initiatives need to be formed, a strategy needs to be decided upon and dedication is  paramount. During this time of realisation we have probably accepted that there are better ways to be doing something, different techniques to try, and new tools that can save you time and money. While you can read articles for inspiration, if you are not communicating, sharing, and discussing that information, the benefits are limited. It’s crucial to get outside of your own way of thinking. A fresh perspective can ignite creativity and help you to review incoming information objectively. Going beyond what you do and see each day to explore collaboration can be inspiring and help you think in a new way.

Grow your network

It may seem a little old school but word of mouth referrals will never lose their value. They are trusted recommendations that consumers adore, and to gain these referrals, networking and forming new connections must be seen as a priority. Being successful in business requires that you consistently make connections and form alliances. Even though every contact you make may not result in collaboration, every time you reach out to someone to explore the possibility, you are expanding your network.

Collaboration is educational

We may want to be doing things differently as we step into this new normal. But because it’s unmarked territory, we may not always know how to take that first step forwards. When collaborating we can learn and develop by learning from others in our industry. In fact, every interaction you have with someone outside of your immediate circle can teach you something valuable. Collaborations don’t have to always exist within your own industry. Think beyond and further than what you would do typically  and expand your network as you broaden your knowledge.

Save money. Solve problems

This is the part we have all been looking forward to, because let’s be honest, “The BUDGET” is on everyone’s mind. But don’t let this restrict you. 

You can still market and grow your business without going over budget.  Many collaborations involve splitting intellectual contribution, hands-on work and, sometimes, expenses. If you collaborate with another business and part of the terms involve sharing development and marketing expenses, you can double your budget while reducing costs.

Interested in collaborating? Find out more about our upcoming free interactive zoom sessions that we are hosting for small businesses in the area.

Lucy Norris
Ecrubox Digital