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Serene Properties limited looks into the new regulations coming into force from this July 2020 for tenanted properties under a microscope:

New electrical safety regulations are coming into force in England from July – requiring electrical installations to be safety checked for new tenancies, and for all existing tenancies from April 2021 by a qualified 18th Edition electrician.

What does that mean for you as the landlord? Well simply if you’re a landlord and currently have your property let on a Assured Short hold tenancy then you will need to comply.

I hear you say that its Covid-19 lockdown and this is going to be impossible to carry out as the government have said that we shouldn’t be doing any sales or lettings!

Then don’t be surprised! This is not relaxed and properties are expected to meet the requirement.

It’s truly ‘beggars’’ belief’ that while car mot’s and other various regulations have been relaxed due to lockdown and safety, but this is not considered as “same” one of the landlords at Serene properties spoke out.

As responsible landlords, we all know how important electric safety checks are and how even a faulty fridge can become the  cause of the tragic Grenfell tower fire which we all have how devastating that was for huge loss of lives.

We as estate agents are finding it difficult to even carry out emergency repair as all non emergency repairs have been put on hold under the coronavirus lockdown and to think of  getting a qualified electrician to attend , inspect, carry out any work required and stay safe will be a big challenge not forgetting most electrical outlets either aren’t open or are out of stock!

Nevertheless, the government is the government and so what does this look like for existing tenants?

Simply if the landlords tenant has a statutory periodic tenancy, that is created on or after this date, the legislation comes into force immediately. From the first of July 2020.

For contractual periodic tenancy that start after the act but follow on from fixed term tenancy beforehand, have up-until April 2021, but as we are good landlords, we must do whatever we can to save lives.

If this has made you question which tenancy do I have for my properties, then Serene Properties are always here to help and make sure that your compliant. Oh, and protect you from getting a potential penalty of up to £30,000 for non-compliance with the Electrical Safety Regulation.

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