Looking to supply PPE?

Coinadrink Limited

Coinadrink Limited can help if you’re looking to supply Personal Protective Equipment to your workforce. With clever technology, we can help you take control of your PPE supply, from storing it in safe, hygienic equipment to helping you manage your inventory and see exactly where your stock is going.

 Managing PPE can be a time-consuming task. A vending machine can provide your employees with access to the right products around the clock.

 How vending machines are providing life-saving PPE

Your PPE will be easily accessible from a snack machine adapted to deliver the kind of products you want to provide. These are manufactured by Evoca Group and they are designed to stand up to a large number of vends per day.

We have always tailored our vending equipment to suit the requirements of our customers. And with snack vending machines adapted to deliver vital PPE, we are working closely with Evoca Group to take this to new heights. The spirals in the snack machines are now able to deliver almost any kind of equipment, including face masks, hand sanitiser, goggles and ear plugs.

Everybody should have access to this kind of equipment, and the tough, sturdy nature of these snack machines means they can be placed in almost any environment. The nature of vending machines means they can be used 24/7, so will provide safe access to items whenever you need them.

And when it’s time to re-stock, it couldn’t be easier.

You know exactly where your equipment is going

 A big problem with the provision of PPE is waste. It’s virtually impossible to know exactly where the equipment is going and whether it is being used for its intended purpose. A vending machine can inform you of everything you need to know.

 By law, employers must offer PPE free of charge. The Hi Contactless “Payment” system is a great stock control function. It may be that you want to limit staff to certain amounts per day, but it is more likely you’ll want to know who isn’t using their designated PPE. It also helps identify trends.

In short, the contactless system lets you know exactly where your equipment is going.

Peace of mind for now and for the future

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we work. And as we begin to move forward and look to the future, many employees will have more of a responsibility to protect their staff and create safer working environments.

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is a simple commodity that has been vital in the world’s fight against the pandemic. The benefits have been so obvious that even when we’re through the worst businesses may still look to offer PPE as a way to promote more hygienic working practices.

And if you’re looking to provide PPE on your premises, a vending machine is a safe, reliable and hygienic source of storage.

Provide your PPE with Coinadrink Limited

Coinadrink Limited is proud to help protect your team with vital PPE. We will provide a vending machine bespoke to you and the kind of equipment you want to supply. This leaves you with the freedom to take care of your own PPE offering.

Contact Coinadrink Limited today to see how this could work for you.

Alistair Ward
Coinadrink Limited