Losing your way in business and how to get back on track

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Keep Business Moving, Keep Business Moving, Keep Business Moving is the new mantra. A hashtag being used across all social channels and a message being shared amongst business owners and the self-employed community as if life depends upon it. However, behind this all-important message is the cold, hard reality – home-schooling, non-home-schooling, single parenthood, partner full time working and sometimes, pure and simple de-motivation.

All of which is preventing you from dedicating the time to follow through and focus on the activities in your business you had originally planned for. Leaving you unsure of how and what to market. Which usually results in procrastination.

Firstly, stop giving yourself a hard time. You are doing the best you can.

“You’re probably only unproductive by the standards of the world we lived in two months ago – and that world is gone now.” Anonymous

The biggest lessons I have learned so far is that we are all living in very different and unique circumstances (see above) and therefore finding your own new normal is down to you. Routine and structure have been the key to my equilibrium being maintained and keeping as close to my ‘previous’ life as possible.

In a recent webinar, #KeepBusinessMoving; the follow up, (click here to access the recording) these five tips were shared.  Plus, a whole lot of other juicy tips from my expert marketing panel. The tips will help you to gain back control, regain your focus, keep a positive mindset and help you start working towards your original goals and plans. Start small, start wherever you are…

  1. Take Positive Action! – Often (more than we would care to admit!) we have thoughts that pop into our head and our conscious mind dismisses them beforewe even have chance to think them through fully. Good ideas getting wrongly dismissed; it will never work, people won’t listen, people will listen and be offended; the list goes on. Stop. If it is what your audience needs, then the idea good to go. Act.

  2. Keep it Simple – this is your license to try something a little new and different in your business, it means getting creative, but creativity can also be simple. The best ideas seen so far during this time have been the simplest. From the gym wear company donating money each time a person shares an #NHSSweatySelfie through to the boutique spa running a social campaign to win a years’ worth of treatments for a minimal entry cost. Both of which are huge brand awareness campaigns and giving their audience what they need right now – nurture, motivation whilst offering the feel-good factor.

  3. Collaborate – Who is in your team? What like-minded business connections can you reach out to and join forces for good? Think about your network, both personal and professional and who can you connect with to share something bigger than yourself to add value to your customers, past and present? Like a business coach joining forces with marketing experts through to web designers working alongside branding specialists.

  4. Go Old School (as well as digital) what can you send out to your existing customers to share good news, positive messages or ‘saw this and thought of you.’ Many of us are stuck at home not going further than a mile radius from our homes. So, brighten up your customers day and send them something in the post. Keep connecting.

  5. Release the money blocks! – Remove the fear around making money right now and you are more likely to find ideas that help you to share your message in a more successful way. Think altruistically about your business offering and how you can best communicate with your customers. This will help you to develop an idea that works andmakes you money, either now or in the near future.

Overall, your positive mindset will be exercised, and we all know how taking action has a huge positive impact and will therefore benefit you and those around you.

Lost your motivation or need some guidance on how to keep business moving? Book in for a free 1-hour business kickstart session and get some clarity, focus and direction for the best next steps in your business.

Clare Whalley
Meta4 Business Coaching