What do you need to know about distance learning?

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Distance learning is based on training simulation with specific environment and characters. The learner will be able to experiment and test by themselves various situations. distance learning is composed by 2 main parts:

- The educational part: Based on serious intention to teach something, to share a message, or to inform.

- The gamification part: A fun and playful aspect.

  1. What Is It For?

The main objective of distance learning is to engage learners. Thanks to the combination of both the gaming part and the more serious part, it will be easier for the learners to feel engaged and motivated. The second objective of distance learning is to teach new skills to the learners. With simulation games, it is not only a knowledge transmission, it is principally a skills transmission. It is easier and quicker for the learners to acquire new professional skills.

2. Whom Is It For?

Even if the distance learnings market was developed only for military needs at the beginning, times have changed! Nowadays, all types of companies are interested in deploying these learning assets, because of the strong potential of distance learning. Even the most developed sectors, like Health and Education, and other companies in sales, communication, human resources, or transport see an interest in distance learning. distance learning applies to every kind of companies, in every field, to every sector, and in every structure’s size.

3. In Which Field?

- Professional Training: Due to the flexibility of distance learning, you have the possibility to use games for learning in every field and department of your company. Distance learning is often used as professional training to enhance knowledge and learn new skills. For example, a commercial department may need to train their Sales people to sell a new product or to know better the market, or an industrial company may want to train their employees to use a new engine.

- Behavior Simulation: Another main utilization of distance learning is simulation. With distance learning, you can create a real immersive serious game. You have the possibility to train your employees in the real work situation. You can create 2D or 3D simulations to be closer to real situations. For example, you can simulate a job interview and have the position of the candidate or, conversely, be the recruiter.

- Recruitment: Distance learning can be a useful tool during a recruitment session. With distance learning, you can assess the person who is doing the training. You can identify skills and knowledge. For that, you can use distance learning as part of your recruitment process to have a first selection and to find talent! Moreover, some companies use distance learning to drive new potential candidates. By using a serious game, they discover the company or the different potential careers they can have.

- Corporate Culture: Corporate culture is increasingly appreciated by employees and customers. It is important to share your corporate culture to your employees for the image and awareness of your company. Sometimes this can be tricky. With a distance learning module, it is possible and easier. You can create distance learning about your company and share your corporate culture, your values, and your traditions without being annoying to your employees.

4. Why A Company Should Use distance learning Instead Of Classic Classroom Training?

The world is evolving and so does your company. Thanks to technology and innovation, you enhance your work performance, and distance learning can help you in this. Moreover, you do not have to choose between professional distance learning and classic training, but you can have a combination of the two. Learning simulation is a real competitive advantage for your company for many reasons.

- Educational: Distance learning is educational and enhances motivation of employees. While learners think they are playing, they are actually learning.

- Innovative: Create an innovative training with a distance learning. You will catch the interest of all employees no matter their age or gender. Thanks to the customization part, learners can choose the avatars and identify themselves in the training. You can customize the environment to make the distance learning more real.

- Flexible: Have you ever dreamed professional training without logistical issues? Training that all employees can have access to, everywhere at any time? Distance learning makes this possible. You do not have to schedule a classic classroom session and trying to bring all employees together at one precise date, to one precise area. What learners need is a computer, and nowadays, who does not have one? Training is accessible no matter the place or time. You give flexibility to your learners.

- Economical: Flexibility brings money. First, you do not have the classroom training related cost for your organization. That means you do not have to pay a trainer, you do not have to repay the transport charge or hotels for your learners. As we said, they can do the module even from their home! And if you need to make changes, you have the control without having to pay for new classroom training. All you need is to modify the distance learning and send it back to your learners!

- Evaluate Easily: One of the major advantages of distance learning is that you can evaluate learners from many ways.