What is guest blogging and why is it important for business?

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Blogging is a hugely valuable tool for any business to share ideas, demonstrate knowledge and most importantly, drive visitors to your website. Having a blog, news or insights section on your website gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers and clients, providing them with the information they need at the right stage of their customer journey.

Working with other businesses and having a guest blogging strategy in place can be hugely beneficial for not only the reasons listed above, but also for increasing your customer base and building business relationships within your industry. Guest blogging is a great way to spread your brand’s message while also growing your business’s brand.

Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected entire industries across the country, with many companies experiencing a quieter period of business.

In order to stay ahead and maximise opportunity, it’s important that you use any downtime you are experiencing to revolutionise your marketing processes and increase the amount of visitors on your website. In doing so, you increase leads, sales and your bottom line.

If you’ve not yet considered guest blogging, or if you’ve not yet had the time to get round to it, get started now. 

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a form of blogging, however it refers to creating content for another person, or business’s website.

A guest blog post is often written for another business within a similar or linked industry, and a successful guest post will use a topic that is relevant to both businesses.

Why is guest blogging important for business?

Guest blogging is an important way of building valuable relationships with other business leaders while helping you to drive traffic back to your own website.

If you reach out to another business to write a guest blog post, they are likely to also want to submit a guest post to your blog too. This will help you to build connections while saving yourself time on providing varied and engaging content for your own target audience.  

Guest posts are also a key part of any successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, and they can boost your rankings in search engine results pages.

How does guest blogging support your SEO strategy?

When done successfully, guest blogging will drive more traffic to your website and boost your domain authority.

Domain authority is a score from 1 to 100, which predicts a website’s ability to rank in the results page of a search engine. The higher your score, the higher your website will rank.

By publishing high quality content on another relevant website and linking to your own in the process, you will potentially increase your domain authority. These ‘backlinks’ show to Google that you are a relevant and trustworthy source of information, which benefits your search engine ranking position and helps to drive more visitors to your website.

Where can I submit a guest post?

Targeting your audience by finding the right people and other businesses to work with on your guest blogging strategy is imperative. 

Start by reaching out to businesses and contacts in your industry. You may also decide to build connections with popular bloggers or influencers.

Regardless, of who you choose to work with, if you request to place a guest post on someone’s website, you should to offer your connection a space to submit their content as well. This will help out another business and will allow you to build a stronger relationship with them.

EDGE Creative

At EDGE Creative, we’ve been working with partners on a guest blogging strategy.

Talk to us about submitting a guest post on our website and we can provide a free-of-charge consultation with a dedicated Account Manager or Creative Director to discuss your marketing strategy as a whole.

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