Why you should take the leap and start up a fledgling business

LA Consulting

While we are in the midst of very uncertain times and will be looking at a different world when we emerge from this unusual period, now may be exactly the right time to think about your future and start planning for it. 

Economies will need more entrepreneurs and start-ups and if you’ve been mulling over a new business idea, these are some of the burning questions or concerns that people often ask me when thinking about getting a new business off the ground:

Isn’t a new business bound to fail in this economic climate? Not if you’re looking in the right place and you’re adding value in the business supply chain. Many new businesses have started up in the past few months, finding new products and services and performing well. The key is to act quickly.

Why would I jump off at the deep end in such uncertain times? You don’t have to jump off straight away; start small. You can even kick off something alongside the day job as most interactions are now online so it’s easier than ever before to get a venture going, even part time. Have a look at why Facebook launched a $100m small business fund worldwide. Get connecting.

There are too many roadblocks right now? There’s always a risk in any business. But with so much self-reflection happening, it’s an ideal time to channel your ideas into an action-oriented plan before someone else does. Plan ahead to reduce risks.

How do I work with new technology on my own? The digital world is your ally and there’s never been a better time to learn with many free virtual tutorials, great offers on new platforms and IT kit with super helpful and free resources being made more readily available. Ditch the box set and start learning.

Will it offer me a new path to happiness and self-fulfilment? When was the last time you set yourself a massive goal or looked back on your career roadmap and achieved it? Did you have a sense of well-being, self-worth and reassurance, even pride? If the answer is no, maybe it’s time to look at a different way of working and take more control of your work life. Stop, reflect and start afresh.

There is so much competition around, how can I beat them? They can help create your marketplace and bring credibility to your offer. Make the competition work with you but joining forces or share insights and ideas. Be out there first with your idea.

I fear failure, it’s holding me back. That’s is exactly why you should act now as many entrepreneurs learn from the failures and try not to make to same mistake twice. If you have enthusiasm for what you do, a liking for hard work and a positive attitude, there is no reason why you should not succeed. Immerse yourself in the new business landscape.

Good luck!

Lisa Attenborough
LA Consulting