Help for businesses - redundancy fact sheet and guidelines

Sydney Mitchell

The Coronavirus is likely to have a profound effect on businesses and employees. 

There have been many announcements where companies are reducing their workforce as a result of reduced sales, work and contract cancellations caused by the impact of Covid-19. 

There is no doubt that it is going to be a difficult time ahead, but businesses need to take care to ensure that they get their Redundancy programmes working correctly and understand fully what this area of employment law entails.

Attached is a link to a downloadable briefing sheet, but this is only a guide and employment law advice should be sought before you start the process, as getting it wrong can be very costly. 

Not only to your business but also for the employees involved.

For help and advice contact Emma-Louise Hewitt, Head of Employment Law at Sydney Mitchell 0808 166 8827

Redundancy Factsheet guidelines - download