Staying safe at the gym

PT Academy

It’s clear to see that since reopening, all gyms have been doing their very best to ensure that everything meets regulations, from personalised pods to plastic screens and numerous cleaning stations.

So how can you ensure that you stay safe whilst working out?

Here at PT Academy, we’ve put together our top tips for safe exercising:

1 - Keep the sanitiser handy

The common misconception is that gloves are a good idea when it comes to protecting yourself from COVID-19. However, it’s been advised by many Doctors that when it comes to the gym, gloves can lead to cross-contamination, and keeping your hands and equipment clean is the best approach. So, ditch the gloves and keep that sanitiser nearby!

2 - Stay low

If you’re a sucker for a HIIT class, then make sure you book in advance and check the number of people attending. The advice for gym classes is that sessions with 10 or fewer people in them are the safest, so why not set that alarm a little earlier or HIIT up an evening class to avoid those busy periods.

3 - You can leave your mask on

One of the best ways to stay safe at the gym is to always leave your mask on, try and avoid taking it off in between sessions and wear it from the moment you enter the gym until you leave. We know this can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re doing a high intensity or cardio session but after a couple of times, wearing it will just become second nature.

4 - BYOM (bring your own mat)

Most experts recommend that you should bring your own equipment where possible. One of the fastest ways that cross-contamination can spread in this environment is people sharing items such as towels and mats. So, get investing in a bigger gym bag and make sure you pack it properly.

The Government guidelines do state that the safest way to exercise is still outdoors, so if you’ve not been spending your days daydreaming of dumbbells or thinking of treadmills then outdoor fitness may be the best option for you.

Whichever approach you choose, stay safe!