The benefits of having a vending machine in your workplace

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Having a vending machine in the workplace is a great way to keep your employees refreshed. They can dispense hot and cold drinks, fresh food, snacks and even PPE!

And as the years evolve, so do vending machines. They are now more advanced than ever and bring countless benefits to your business. Learn why you need a vending machine.

No overhead costs. 

Having a vending machine is a cost-effective way to provide food and drink on site. Unlike a canteen, you don’t need to employ anyone to run a vending machine, so it is one less wage to worry about. Additionally, you don’t need to rent any extra office space.

Easy to manage and maintain.

Modern day vending machines are incredibly easy to stock. Coinadrink also offers a service plan on our equipment so we can do this ourselves as part of a custom schedule if you prefer. Once the machine is installed, it requires very little maintenance and they’re extremely reliable and easy to use.

High-quality products.

Modern day vending machines dispense high quality products. Take our advanced hot drinks machines, for example. Cutting-edge technology that is hidden behind stylish designs can deliver fresh bean coffee and fresh leaf tea as you’d expect from the coffee shop. The kettle cannot offer this.


Using a vending machine entails fewer touch points than using a kettle to make your hot drink. This is important if you require more hygienic workplace facilities. A vending machine has been proven to be a safe entity for the provision of food and drink.

Time saving. 

A vending machine is much quicker than using the kettle. The vast majority of them take under 30 seconds, whilst the likes of the Klix Momentum need just 17 seconds! This means your staff can be back at their desks getting on with their work quicker. An extra bonus? There’s no need to wash up your cups and mugs!

Wellbeing and Productivity

Because vending machines dispense quality hot drinks and products in no time at all, your staff can grab what they need whenever they want! A vending machine also encourages them to stay on site, which forges stronger working relationships with colleagues.

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Alistair Ward
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